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Violent manga series about a group of assassins attempting to end a corrupt regime.


Written by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. It was serialized in Gangan Joker magazine.


  • Square Enix (Japan)


A young man named Tatsumi comes to the capital of his nation hoping to join the army, but things don't go so well. The army doesn't think he's worth recruiting, and a sexy lady steals all his money. With no other options, Tatsumi sulks until a wealthy girl comes along and offers him food and shelter.

Then one night, he discovers the shocking truth behind his new patron when the terrorist group "Night Raid" comes to kill them. Having seen the true horror of those who run the country, Tatsumi joins Night Raid and their goal of killing the country's Prime Minister in order to end the corruption at the very top, but the Prime Minister has the resources and manpower of the entire country at his disposal, and Night Raid finds themselves fighting a desperate battle where survival is not guaranteed.


  • Tatsumi -- A hero from a faraway village who wanted to join the Imperial Army to provide for his family, but a string of bad luck leads him to fight for Night Raid instead. Wears the teigu "Incursio," a superpowered armor that allows its wearer to turn invisible.
  • Najenda -- A former general in the Imperial Army who defected with her soldiers to fight against the corrupt Prime Minister, and the current leader of Night Raid. Has a robotic arm after Esdese literally shattered the original. Wields the living teigu "Susano'o" after said teigu remarked that she reminded him of his former master.
  • Akame -- The titular character and a former assassin who also joined Night Raid. She has red eyes and wields a katana teigu capable of killing anyone once it renders their bare flesh.
  • Prime Minister -- The real power behind the throne in the Empire, as the king is a naive 10 year old boy. The Prime Minister makes the King's decisions for him and uses it to enrich himself and his friends at the expense of the people.
  • Esdese -- The strongest general in the Empire and a brutal sadist to friends and enemies alike (her name is a pun of "S-Desu", or "a sadist" in Japanese). She wields an ice teigu capable of freezing anything from indviduals to entire rooms. Fell in love with Tatsumi after seeing his performance during a fighting tournament.
  • Kurome -- Akame's younger sister with black eyes who wields a katana capable of resurrecting whatever it kills as lifeless dolls. Fights as a member of the Jaegers.
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 11
Dec. 22, 2014
Volume 10
June 21, 2014
Volume 9
Jan. 22, 2014
Volume 8
July 22, 2013
Volume 7
Feb. 22, 2013
Volume 6
Sept. 22, 2012
Volume 5
April 21, 2012
Volume 4
Jan. 21, 2012
Volume 3
May 21, 2011
Volume 2
Jan. 22, 2011
Volume 1
Aug. 21, 2010
General Information Edit
English Name Akame Ga Kill!
Japanese Name: アカメが斬る!
Publisher Square Enix
Start Year 2010
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Aliases Akame Ga Kiru!
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