Akame ga Kill! Zero

Akame ga Kill! Zero is an manga series in the Akame ga Kill franchise
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Akame ga Kill Zero is a prequel to Akame ga Kill! that focuses on Akame's past when she worked as an assassin for the Imperial Capital.


Written by Takahiro and illustrated by Kei Toru, it ran in Square Enix's Monthly Big Gangan magazine on October 25, 2013.


  • Square Enix (Japan)

Publishing History

Its first volume was released on June 21, 2014, and it is available via Kindle in Japan.


They believed that for each life they took, new lives of happiness would be born.

The Empire which was rife with corruption faced many uprisings and rebellions within their own country. To counter this, a heartless plan was put in motion. A hundred innocent children were bought and raised as assassins to quell uprisings and eliminate those who supported them. The 7 children determined to have the highest potential were separated into the elite group and the rest a much larger, lesser group who were enhanced with drugs. Akame and Kurome are a pair of sisters brought into the organization together but separated by this divide.

Raised by agents of the Empire, these young killers believed that they fought for the peace and happiness of the people in their country.


  • Akame - The main heroine and one of the elite 7. She is a swordswoman of considerable skill, and a large appetite. Her fondest wish is to be reunited with her sister.
  • Kurome - Akame's young sister. As with the rest of the non-elites, she has been enhanced by addictive drugs. Alike Akame she uses a sword and wants to be together again.
  • Gozuki - The architect of the 100-child assassination plan and personal trainer of the elite team. He has his students refer to him as "father". He wields the Imperial Arm "Murasame".
  • Tsukushi - A slightly timid and hapless member of the elite 7. She is Akame's best friend and uses a gun.
  • Najasho - Called "chief" by his peers, he is the squad leader of the 7 elites. A very serious individual who uses a strength-boosting sword.
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 1
June 21, 2014
General Information Edit
English Name Akame ga Kill! Zero
Japanese Name: アカメが斬る!零
Publisher Square Enix
Start Year 2013
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Aliases Akame ga Kiru! Zero
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