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I never heard him speak before...

But sometimes I am close enough to hear his laughter...

We're in different classes and we don't have anything in common...

But still his voice is very pretty...

It made a red flower bloom in the back of my heart...

The name of that flower is probably...



 The action that follows this romantic manga is very limited. It starts when a girl falls in love with a boy, notbecause of his looks or skills but because of his voice. With his a voice a red flower bloomed in the back of her heart. She follows this strange feeling and finds out that the boy she likes actually has special powers. His voice can control other people and he uses his power is hostage cases for the police force. But in his spare time he is usually sitting quietly at school, occasionally laughing acting like a normal high school boy. As the girl finds more and more about her love and what he feels she decides to stuck with him no matter what and will not give up on his passion she has for him.


Karashima-is a boy with a very strange power. He can control others with his voice. Just by saying something they will listen to his every word. He is very quite but has a very nice laugh. He only talk with his old friends from middle school. It is very difficult for him because he must let his mind be corrupted so he doesn't use the voice for evil. He limits his own knowledge and doesn't ask many questions but at the same time he is ever so curious and smart. When he meets Kokubo he finds a safe place where he can be himself. He uses his power is hostage situations to save other people.

Kokubosawa- is a girl that goes to the same school as Karashima. He nickname is Kokubo. Kokubo is a strong girl that at the same time is weak to the feelings of love. She is also gentle but is willing to take action at anytime. She falls in love with Karashima and one day followed him. There, she found out what Karashima can really do. When she finds out the truth she only wants to be with him more. Most people say that she is just in love with his voice but the truth is... She loves everything about him and would do anything for him.

Kawaguchi- is a police officer that is Karashima's partner. He keeps him out of trouble and is a very responsible adult. He may scold Karashima at times but he truly cares for him.

Sakamoto- is a suspicious boy that starts out as a dark boy and soon turns into a very handsome love interest. When he is not playing jokes on Karashima they fight over Kokubo. His dad is the president of the police and Sakamoto keeps an eye on Karashima while he is at school. He is smooth yet skilled with his hands and feet. Also weak but fast. In he beginning he stayed away from Kokubo but soon he found out he had to face her sooner or later. His new feelings develop new motives and change is mysterious personality into a honest more open one.

General Information Edit
English Name Akaku saku koe
Japanese Name: The voice that blooms red
Publisher Hakusensha
Start Year 1999
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Aliases Akaku saku koe
"the voice that blooms red"
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