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Akainu's Plot! Whitebeard Entrapped! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 10/24/2010
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Marineford Arc Review

Rating: TV-14
Length: 23:31 

Are things as they truly seem when Squard, one of Whitebeard's own allies, has turned against him and pierced him with his sword? Did Whitebeard really sell out everyone just to save Ace as some sort of plot to make Ace the next Pirate King? The cursed plans of Akainu and Sengoku are exposed, but they have underestimated the love of a father for his sons. Even the stupid ones.

The Good

This one was a tad of a mixed bag for me. As I suspected, the whole plot to get Squard to turn on good old Whitebeard was the doing of Akainu, but what was also shocking is that Sengoku stooped this low. I really thought better of him.
Hat's off go to Oda, He really built everything for the past few episodes in order to really make it seem almost plausible that Whitebeard had sold out his allies. The graphs seem a bit heavy handed in the explanation given, but it does help the audience really grasp it. The drama of the moment did feel dragged out at times, but  While I can understand what Squard had been seeing. He was beyond a dumb ass for sucking it up so easily. It was almost my favorite moment this episode when Marco swooped in and clobbered him.
Crocodile was a bit impressive in this episode. For as much as he seems to hate Whitebeard. It's as if he also admires him to a degree. That or it's just his own ego that doesn't like the idea of a man who defeated him being defeated so easily. It's probably the latter. Though, I suspect that it might of been Whitebeard that gave Crocodile that scar across his face.

All this drama was easily overshadowed by Whitebeard at the end. That was such a touching moment that really sells the end of this episode. I really think this would of been mediocre if not for that. That is an example of a great father. Though, I can't easily sympathize with Squard. Now that Whitebeard is done standing back and jumped into battle. I'm excited all over again. We have already seen what Luffy was doing going wild. Whitebeard is considered the strongest man in the world, and he's finally cutting loose.

The Bad

.................................................................... Did you find that long pause annoying? Well, that's what this episode opens up with. For the first seven minutes no one really says a thing. It's just seven minutes of silent images of people reacting in shock to Squard stabbing Whitebeard. Though, you may get a few gasping sounds. I understand they were going for a shock in the drama, but it goes on for far too long. I also can't say I was too fond of how Squard heavy the episode tends to be. I understand why they had to to do. We had to understand why he would turn.
I have to say that Squard is quite the schmuck. That he would believe the word of Akainu for anything. What is it, his trusting face? Even that line that Akainu doesn't agree with this plot is laughable. Yeah, he's such a morally upstanding gentleman. Sure, there was some doubt raised, but why is it that surprising that the Pacifista would only target a certain group? All you have to do is tell them what to do. They are emotionless cyborgs. I'm also confused why it only appeared to be the PX cyborgs were fighting in this episode. No Marine is seen fighting while the Whitebeard Pirates are in disarray.
For some reason, the subtitles had the Whitebeard allies called Whitebeard himself as "Old Buddy". It sounds silly when you read it. What they are calling him in the Japanese dialog is "oyassan". It's closer to calling him "boss". Using "old buddy" makes it sound more as if these pirates look to Whitebeard as an equal. That's not really the case. They all revere him.

If you are looking for Luffy in this episode. You're going to be disappointed. He hardly appears at all. This is just a long series of images of Whitebeard and Squard going back and forth. Little else. There are also several scenes reused in the animation to pad out the episode. I really hate that kind of stuff.

Verdict 4/5

I have a lot of conflict about this episode. While there are a lot of weird things going on. There was also that great finale that made it all worth wild. They really did make it to the best of their ability, and I really can't think of what they could of used in place of that long pause at the start. At least there wasn't another Boa Hancock delusion scene. It is interesting how the world only saw up to the point of that Whitebeard betrayed his own people before the signal was cut off. They missed how it ended.
I can't say the episode was boring given my criticism. It was a nice bit of melodrama, but its the finale of Whitebeard actually fighting that got me excited. Next week should be good. I would say that a 4 out of 5 would be a fair rating for this episode..

Favorite Moment: Whitebeard's forgiveness

Least Favorite Moment: Squard's back story

WTF Moment: Squid hat?

Favorite Character This Episode: Whitebeard

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