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Air Gear is an anime series in the Air Gear franchise
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Street gangs on motorised Rollerblades. Reviewed by lordbane666 on Feb. 27, 2012. lordbane666 has written 29 reviews. His/her last review was for Burn Up W. 16 out of 18 users recommend his reviews.

Set in a modern day alternate world, Air Gear follows a young man named Minami Itsuki (aka Ikki or Crow), a middle schooler, juvenile delinquent, and suffers from low self esteem since his gang was beaten in a fight. He was adopted at a young age by the Noyamano sisters, of which there are now four, who give him his very first pair of Air Trecks (or AT's as there called, which are basically motorised Rollerblades) to cheer him up. From there, he slowly enters the exciting and dangerous secret world of the Storm Riders, gangs who fight using AT's and tricks that defie physics. Eventually, he forms his own gang of Storm Riders, and they slowly claw there way up the gang rating charts by beating other gangs in challenges, some of which involve combat. We come to find out, he may be the newest incarnation of the Sky King, a god like being in the Storm Rider lore, who will one day rule the Storm Rider gangster nation. Until them, he gets pursued by the anti-Storm Rider police, and brow beaten by his oldest adopted sister, who is the care taker of the family. The next oldest sister sees him as a plaything, until that is she finds our about his true power. The next oldest is his age and harbors a secret crush on him, she often helps him out behind the scene. The youngest sister likes to sit around alone all day and play with her massive doll collection, and I think she is best described by the word "Creepy". We come to find out the sisters are a part of a legendary gang of Storm Riders known as "Sleeping Forest"

On the surface, this was one of the worst animes you can imaging. In addition to all the loli fan service, idiotic dialog, a ridiculous premise with very little in the way of a story thereafter, badly drawn art that looks about 15 years outdated, infrequent and poorly done combat sequences, crappy music, abrupt ending, and a crow that flies out of Ikki's hair to cover up any nude genital that just happens to be showing, you have all the lore and backstory they try to use for filler, adding to an insanely convoluted plot mix. You have a lot of things to remember about AT lore if you want to follow this series, but I chose not to pay attention to any of it, too much like work. Then there is the fact everything is done on Rollerblades, including what can only be described as magic, like flying or skating up the outside of a skyscraper all that way up to it's rooftop. Yet as bad as this series was, it has one thing that saves it from becoming worthless trash and makes it entertaining, if not worth watching. In a word, Humor. The characters all bring there own form of insanity to the mix, and though there are serious moments in this series, it does make fun of itself and hits you with laughs, some of which came as a complete surprise. Even the cops are out of there minds. I found it best while watching this series to simply ignore all the lore and backstory nonsense, along with the fact these kids can do the impossible as long as they are wearing there AT's, and watch it for the laughs. Since only one aspect of this series was good, I gave it three stars, worth watching for the humor and not much else.

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