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Air Gear is an anime series in the Air Gear franchise
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Agito Wanijima

Agito Wanijima is the more fierce personality of both Agito/Akito as well as the Fang King of the Bloody Road. He has a sharp tongue and has a tendency to curse often. He is part of the team Kogarasumaru.

Akito Wanijima

Akito Wanijima is the innocent and non-violent personality of both Akito/Agito. He becomes attracted to Ikki, much to Ikki's discontent.

Black Burn

One of the original members of Sleeping Forest who was the original Thunder King this title was later given to his son Nue. After the fall of old Sleeping Forest, Black Burn became an alcoholic but continued air trek as the masked Hanged Man.


One of the original members of Sleeping forest and the original Rumble King whose Regalia is placed on his forearms rather than the AT.

Emily Adachi

One of Kogarasumaru supporters along with Yaoyi, she has a large crush on Kazu and tries to tend to him when possible. Emily is also a back-up member for the team though her Air Trek skills are unpolished.


One of the original members of Sleeping Forest who was the original Fang King. He quits after the destruction of Sleeping Forest and becomes a weak visual novel playing old man with a pot belly.

Ine Makigami

The first Pledge Queen of Tool Toul To and one of the original members of Sleeping Forest.


The leader of the Rez Boa Dogs.

Issha Mihotoke

A large Air Treck rider who once terriozed Ikki's school. Once Ikki defeated him in a parts war battle he joined his team.

Kaito Wanijima

Akito/Agito's older brother and the leader of the Windstorm G-Men, a special SWAT team that was created specifically for hunting down and arresting Storm Rider teams.

Kazuma Mikura

Ikki's friend and Storm Rider for Kogarasumaru.

Kei Machida

A friend of Ume's who creates creepy dolls and makes Emblem for Storm Rider Teams.


The former Gem King of the first Sleeping Forest. He is a gravity child along with his twin sister, Simca.

Kyo Orihara

Kyo Orihara is Onigiri's former girlfriend in the Air Gear series.

Magaki Kouji

The leader of the Skull Saders.

Mari Tomita

Ikki's Homeroom teacher.

Mikan Noyamano

The second eldest of the Noyamano sisters and a gravity child. Mikan aggressively punishes Ikki by attacking him with wrestling moves and mistreats him like a slave.

Minami Itsuki

Itsuki "Ikki" Minami is the main protagonist of the series Air Gear. Before Itsuki Minami entering the world of Air Treck he was affiliated with the East Side Guns. Which is how he acquired the name Babyface.

Natsumi Iriya

A Storm Rider and former leader of the Sabel TIgers. But after she lost to Kogarasumaru she made a new team called Pink Panthers.


The current Thunder King and a second generation Gravity Child. He leads the team "Black Crow", which is made up of twenty other, much younger second generation Gravity Children, who help him create illusions by manipulating the Earth's magnetic field.


Ikki's childhood friend. He rides an AT upside down with the intent of looking up girl's skirts. His head is shaped like an onigiri.

Rika Noyamano

The eldest sister of the Noyamano family who has raised Ikki since he was a infant. Rika was the former Thorn Queen of the original Sleeping Forest.

Ringo Noyamano

A friend of Ikki since childhood. She is the current leader of the Air Trek team Sleeping Forest.

Ryo Mimasaka

Ryo Mimasaka is one of the most powerful members of Behemoth in the Air Gear series.

Shiraume Noyamano

The Youngest of the Noyamano sisters.


Known as Simca the Swallow, Migratory Bird, or Tsubame. She is the leader of the Air Treck team called Genesis.

Sora Takeuchi

Sora Takeuchi is the founder of Sleeping forest and the main antagonist in Air Gear. After Kilik discovered his true motives with the team, he was defeated and crippled by him. However he has healed from his injury and regained his title as the Wind King.


The King of the Flame Road.

Yasuyoshi Sano

A member of Genesis who is able to create the illusion of manipulating the flow of time using the Flame Road. He also serves as Simca's advisor, counselor, and occasional chauffeur.

Yayoi Nakayama

Emily Adachi best friend and supporter for Kogarasumaru. She has the ability to communicate with Ikki's crow Kuu and is able tell the exact time, down to a second a trait that is shared amongst the more affluent tuners and because of this becomes Agito's tuner.

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