Aina Sakurai

Aina Sakurai is a anime/manga character in the Valvrave the Liberator franchise
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Aina Sakurai is a student of JIOR 77. She is Haruto and Shoko's close friend who works with JIOR 77 defense systems.


There was a time when Aina and Saki first met. Aina gave Saki a band-aid when she noticed one else would help Saki.


Aina Sakurai is created by Sunrise and originally designed by Katsura Hoshino as a minor character in the Valvrave the Liberator franchise.



Aina is a young, beautiful woman who has blue eyes, thin framed glasses, and short brown ponytails tied with white hairbands. Her attire is a school uniform that consist of a khaki suit with a pink ribbon with red and white stripes and a red and white mini skirt.


Aina is kind, gentle person who cares about her friends. She is easily frightened and worried about her mother. When she notices Haruto is putting himself down, she consoles him and compliments his abilities.


  • Shoko Sashinami - The two are close friends. Shoko often comforts Aina when Aina is worried about her mother. Aina supports Shoko's decisions during the separation of the Module from JIOR.
  • Haruto Tokishima - Being friends, Aina supports Haruto in his decision to protect the Valvrave from other students. She tells Haruto that he is a god not a freak when Haruto puts down himself.

Story Arcs

Aina and others are devastated when the Dorssians invaded their home country. She is constantly worried about her mother. She is seen helping out with chores such as laundry after Module 77 had separated from JIOR. After Haruto undergoes a health diagnosis, Aina is shocked at Haruto who attacked Kyuuma without any control of his body. During the massive blackout, Aina is again worried about her mother. When Takahi puts the blame on Shoko, Aina is left standing to see the argument occur between Saki and Takahi. When the Dorssians attempt to attack Module 77, Aina and the others are usually at the control center. Aina mans the radar.

Later on, Aina and the others support Haruto's decision to not disclose any information on the other Valvrave mechs to the other students. In the Valvrave shipping bay, Aina chats with Haruto and tells him he is a Kamitsuki, an indestructible person who is touched by god. When L-elf and A-drei arrives, Aina lurks nearby to observe the situation between Haruto, A-drei, and L-elf. Suddenly, Q-vier enters the docking bay with his Manned WAFFEL unit and opens fire at L-elf. Q-vier's barrage of missiles blasts Aina in the process, killing Aina. In the aftermath, Kyuuma finds Aina's floating corpse drifting in the debris.

Voiced by
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Ai Kayano
General Information Edit
Name: Aina Sakurai
Name: 櫻井 アイナ
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Valvrave the Liberator #1
1st anime movie:
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