Aimaru is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Aimaru is the current leader of the Gourmet Knights and is a close friend of Toriko.


In the past, Aimaru accepted a challenge from Toriko to see who would acquire the legendary ingredient GOD first. Aimaru did not actually wish to consume GOD but took the challenge for the fun of it. At some point, Aimaru happened upon a young Takimaru who was infected with a Gourmet World disease. He cured Takimaru of his illness and left such an impression on Takimaru that he joined the Gourmet Knight under Aimaru's leadership. Aimaru also took on training Takimaru himself.

At some point before the Cooking Festival Arc, Aimaru taught Toriko the Ultimate Routine Technique.


Aimaru is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the supporting characters for the series Toriko. He has no information about any inspirations or concept arts used by his creator.


Aimaru still holds his views of having the simplest of diets, but he was willing to make one exception when he was informed that GOD was soon to be available and he ate the cure for a disease he had which ordinarily he would have refused to do.


Aimaru Full Profile
Aimaru Full Profile

Aimaru is a tall young looking man of an athletic build but notably leaner than the likes of Toriko. He has short black hair with a long braid at the back. He has 3 painted stripes under each eye, indicating his rank within the Gourmet Knights. Lesser ranked members have one or two stripes.


Aimaru is a calm and collected man with selfless principles. He will only eat the simplest food and deliberately infects himself with deadly diseases in order to find cures for humanity. The only exception to this seems to be anything regarding Toriko. His personality will change when Toriko is around and the two usually start bickering.


  • Toriko - Toriko is an old friend of Toriko's. They compete to see who will find the ingredient GOD first. Aimaru also taught Toriko the Ultimate Routine technique.
  • Takimaru - Taimaru is Aimaru's underling. He is very loyal to Aimaru for saving his life when he was younger and went through pains to acquire a cure for Aimaru's own illness.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

Aimaru was deathly ill from having consumed an immense amount of diseases on purpose for the sake of metabolizing them. Due to Aimaru's special ability, he could create cures for diseases after infecting himself with them and metabolizing them. However he had strained his body too much. His underling Takimaru had come back from the Country of Healing, Life with a cure from Saiseiya Yosaku. Initially Aimaru would not accept the medicine from Takimaru as he did not believe in consuming fancy ingredients, but Takimaru told his leader that his old friend Toriko said that the ingredient GOD had appeared somewhere in the world. At this Aimaru quickly put aside his rigidness and took the cure.

Bubble Fruit Arc

In his search for Shokurin Temple, Toriko needed the help of Monchy. His condition was that Toriko provide enough high quality ingredients for him to complete his Ehou Maki, which would point the way to Shokurin Temple. For this, Toriko needed the Eco Nori located in Eco Land, where nearby, Aimaru and the Gourmet Knights were located. Aimaru encountered Toriko and after a small bickering of their different food ideologies, he had Takimaru lead Toriko to Eco Land. After retrieving the Eco Nori, Aimaru encouraged Toriko to get the most out of his training at Shokurin Temple.

Cooking Festival Arc

Aimaru has a short but important appearance. He attacks the Bishokukai 3rd Branch Chief Jerry Boy with his Doctrine of 1000 Arrows technique, making a large hole in the latters torso and seemingly killing him.

Powers & Abilities

Metabolism of Diseases - Through an unknown method, Aimaru deliberately infects himself with diseases and metabolizes them, thus curing himself. Upon metabolizing a disease, Aimaru creates a cure for said diseas. The toll on his body however can potentially be deadly, but Aimaru has thus far survived each infection.

Food Honor - Aimaru is a master of Food Honor. It grants the user the following abilities:

Correction of Movement - This passive ability causes the user to have enhanced precision and accuracy in their movements and eliminates unnecessary movement. Because of this, it automatically increases the effectiveness of attacks as well.

Food Immersion - This allows the user to eat substantial amounts of food beyond their norm and preserve the nutrients as energy that can be utilized at will, or allow the user to go for substantial amounts of time without consuming any sustenance.

Pre - Shot Routine - By focusing, Aimaru creates a mental image of the perfectly executed technique. This increases the effectiveness of the technique but requires some time to prepare and several precise body movements. This can perhaps be considered a lesser version of the Ultimate Routine, also known by Aimaru.

Ultimate Routine - A tremendously powerful technique. It is a form of visualization and by exerting their will, the user can bring about desired effects simply by imagining it. Aimaru demonstrated visualizing an ulcer in his stomach, which manifested immediately, but then immediately healed himself by also visualizing it. It is also useful for offensive purposes. Simply by envisioning Toriko decaying, such an effect would have been brought about had Toriko not evaded the technique with his precognition. The Ultimate Routine can be countered by another user of the same technique.

Doctrine of 1000 Arrows - With his bow, Aimaru shoots a stream of arrows. He seemingly killed the Chief of the 3rd Branch in the Bishokukai Jerry Boy with just one use of this technique.

General Information Edit
Name: Aimaru
Name: 愛丸 (あいまる
Romanji: Aimaru
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #29
1st anime movie:
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