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A.I. is a anime/manga concept
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The Ultimate A.I. in the World.

Azure Balmung

One of the three Azure Knights created by Aura. He is modeled after Balmung of the Azure Sky but appears to be feral than his predecessors original design.

Azure Kite

One of the Three Azure Knights, created by Aura. He is a copy of the Dot Hacker Kite, and was responsible for putting Shino in a coma and Haseos quest for revenge.

Azure Orca

One of the three Azure Knights created by Aura. He is modeled after Orca of the Azure Sea.

Blue Breaker

Known as STW-9000 is an infamous auto-enforcer created by The Third. Blue Breaker has a complex AI system and a fighting prowess far beyond normal auto-enforcers.


The master computer of the Eleanor City Tower.


Cortana is the A.I. program that was once Catherine Halsey. Doctor Halsey programed her brain into a single disc of knowledge. Cortana is that knowledge, and she is the most important material in the UNSC army.


A program that was created to destroy Digimon but became sentinet and decided to destroy the real world as well.

D-Reaper ADR-01: Juri Type

A clone of Juri Katou created by the D-Reaper. She was sent to the real world disguised a Juri to spy and examine humans.


A Orbital Frame with Artificial Intelligence.

Fuyu Kanoe

Fuyu Kanoe is the A.I. Companion of Zouichi


Georg is the interactive AI aboard the Generation Bleu's ship called Triton.

Lethia Aleetheia

An artificial human created from the Maya backup copy.

Love Machine

Love Machine is a Artificial Intelligent program created by Wabisuke Jinnouchi. It was then sold to the United States Armed Forces where they decided to let it go wild on OZ as a test run where it took over Kenji's avatar and started causing chaos in Japan.


An intelligent computer program who is a friend of Radical Edward, MPU inhabits an old spy satellite.


A Mechanic Mega Level Digimon, serving Piedmon.


Metal Sonic

A robotic copy of Sonic the Hedgehog created by Dr. Eggman.

Sharon Apple

Sharon Apple is a artificial idol seen in the Macross Plus OVA. She is a Artificial Intelligence with a programming that is incomplete and has her emotions provided by Myung Fang Lone.

Shin Mizunoe


The Autobots main computer system who manifests herself as a holographic avatar that assists her teammates.

The Puppet Master

A rogue A.I. that escaped from it creators after becoming sentient. It was originally used for cyberbrain hacking that could covertly manipulate politics and intelligence, altering databases and memories for the benefit of select Ministry affiliates.


The God of the Digital World and leader of the Royal Knights.

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