Ai Haibara

Ai Haibara is a anime/manga character in the Case Closed franchise
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Haibara was a member of the Black Organization. Her real name was Shiho Miyano and her codename was Sherry. She made APTX4869 that turned Kudo Shinichi to Edogawa Conan.

Haibara was a member of the Black Organization. Her real name was Shiho Miyano and her codename was Sherry, her parents were Elena Miyano from America and Atsuhi Miyano from Japan. She made APTX4869 the drug that turned Shinichi Kudo to Conan Edogawa. She had a sister name Akemi Miyano aka Masami Hirota. Unlike her sister, Shiho was sent to America to be groomed and finish her parents research, this made her isolated and didn't have any friends or had a life like any normal child unlike her sister. She betrays the organization after discovering her sister was murdered by Gin, and was imprisoned by the organization and scheduled for execution. She decides to take the pill to commit suicide but discovered her body had regressed to the age of 7 or 8. She then escpaed from the Orginization and tried to reach Shinichi's house but collapsed when she arrived. Professor Agasa eventually found her passed out in front of his house in the rain. Eventually he adopts her and discovers he knew her parents especially her father.

To prevent the Orginization knowning of her shrinking, she changed her name to Ai Haibara. She went to the same school as Shinichi . She revealed herself to Conan and that she's the one who made the pills that shrunk him when Conan escorts her to her home by pretending to cry. At first Conan didn't like her, but soon he accepted her as a friend and promised to protect her when she's in trouble. Later she decide to join the Detective boys and soon she accept them as her first and close friends.


She's cold, mistrustful and often remind other the dark side of the world. She act older than a child which make her "cool". She's actually kind and caring but rarely show it. She's sometimes quite maybe because to prevent herself from the BO. She's a loner and miss her sister so much. She's afaraid of the BO especially GIn who is smart, stubborn and have a twisted sense of humor. She sometimes remind Conan not to do reckless thing to give away their secret identity.

Taste Of Fashion

It show that Ai also know fashion, she has made repeated requests for a certain type of purse when asked to do something.


Conan Edogawa: She seem to have a love interest in Conan, although she never admit it. It show in the fourth movie she said to Conan , she want to live a normal life, forget the Bo, pills and the memory of her sister's death and live with Conan forever. Conan was surprised to hear that so she suddenly changed her attitude and said she's joking. Ai find easier to talk to Conan because their equal level of intelligence.

Ran Mouri: At first, she was very cold and distant to Ran. Ran believed that Haibara had hated her. However, Haibara finally introduced herself to Ran, and they slowly became friends. Ran remind of her , Akemi Miyano, so she decide to protect her.

These feelings began after Ran jumped through to save AI from a a slew of bullets from Vermouth to save Haibara. Haibara immediately remember of her own sister, and began to accept Ran as Akemi. Haibara also ask for Ran to stay at Agasa's house, when she had learned that Korn, Chianti, and the rest of the Black Organization were lurking, Ai immediately thinking of her own sister's death, and want to keep Ran safe.

Ayumi Yoshida: At frist Ai keep away from Ayumi but because of her friendliness later she become friend with her. Ayumi once tried to call her first name but failed, but later Ai told ayumi that she can called her Ai- chan when Gneta and Mitsuhiko called that too Ai told them only Ayumi can called her that. She later considered her as a little sister and protect her from danger.

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya: Mitsuhiko have deeply romantic feeling for Ai, Ai also know this. Ai uses his feelings for her advantage when she needs him to do something for her , but slowly she admire his courage during missions and respect him.

Hiroshi Agasa: Ai often times reminding him to watch what he eats and become like a mother to him. She will automatically save him from danger. Ai seem most comfortable express herself only with Professor. Maybe because he's the one who found her and take care of her.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Megumi Hayashibara
Brina Palencia
Rank Game #581 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Ai Haibara
Name: 灰原哀
Romanji: haibara ai
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Case Closed #18
1st anime episode: Case Closed #129
1st anime movie: Case Closed: The Last Wizard Of The Century
Aliases Shiho Miyano
Anita Hailey
Vi Graythorn
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