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The main character of disgaea 2


Ahiru is a duck, who is also a girl, who is also princess Tutu; she is charged with the task of returning Prince Mytho his heart, piece by piece.

Akeno Himejima

Akeno is the second-in-command of the Gremory clan and the vice president of the Occult Research Club. She is known as the "Priestess of Thunder"

Akira Kogami

Akira is the star/co-host of the show Lucky Channel that appears in the anime Lucky Star. A bright and sweet facade is often betrayed by the bitterness that comes from childhood stardom.

Amue Armstrong

Amue Armstrong is the second daughter of the Armstrong family.

Apollo Justice

Apollo Justice is a young defense attorney who was taken in by Phoenix Wright to revive his lost law firm.

Asagi Igawa

Asagi Igawa is a skilled anti-demon kunoichi.

Asia Argento

A character from the High School DxD series, Asia Argento is a nun who first met Issei while visiting at the town.

Edward Elric

The youngest State Alchemist with an aggressive demeanor who is attempting to restore him and his younger brother's body back to normal after a deadly sin they committed...

Hayate Kurogane

A tiny idiot with surprisingly good skill at swordfighting. Hayate enters Tenshi Academy in her sister's place to save her orphanage from destruction.

Hayato Furinji

Miu's grandfather and head master of Ryozanpaku. He never lost a figt in his life. Never. And if you think you are worthy of becoming his granddaughter boyfriend or husband you must defeat him first.

Ichiro Tachibana

After peeping in on his teacher Ms. Yuko he was accidentally turned into a tentacle monster his friend Lili.


Isaac is Dunya's knight.

Kaku Bunwa

A cunning villain that gets very inhumane at times.

Kiriha Kurano

Kiriha Kurano is one of the Earth People who originally wanted Kotaro's room to build a shrine.

Konata Izumi

A childish girl whose main interests are games, anime and manga. She is one of the protagonists of Lucky Star.

Konoha Muramasa

Konoha Muramasa was a former Waas who turned back into a human by Haruaki.


The Student Council Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School whose Brain Burst Avatar is Black Lotus. She chooses Haru to be her subordinate in her goal to reach level 10.


A Dullahan, she is the seventh girl to join Kurusu Kimihito's Culture Exchange House Guests; she was the second "D" who wrote the second more poetic letter. She is a bit delusional and often spouts 8th Grader Syndrome lines claiming to be "The Avatar of Death" and such.

Mafuyu Oribe

The main female character of Seikon no Qwaser, Mafuyu is the adopted daughter of St. Mihailov's last dean, and the self-proclaimed protector of Tomo.

Medaka Kurokami

In the beginning of Medaka Box, she becomes the student president. She appears to be one of the main character of the franchise.

Mei Uozumi

Mei Uozumi is a student of Otogi Acedemy. She took third place in the Miss Otogi Contest.

Miu Furinji

A transfer student and one of Kenichi's first friends.


First protagonist of El Cazador De La Bruja and a longtime bounty hunter

Nagasumi Michishio

Nagasumi is a young boy who nearly drowned while on vacation. He was saved by a mermaid, San Seto; and due to mermaid law they must either marry or die.

Nina Antalk

Nina is a strong-willed and very passionate about Military Arts. She's the captain of the fresh 17th platoon. She recruits Layfon into her platoon after she accidentally saw his skill at Military Arts.

Northern Italy

A character that represents Northern Italy during the second World War. He usually sings the ending song in the anime.


A Harpy who is transferred into Kimihito's home.


Saber is Shirou Emiya's servant in the Holy Grail War and desires to win, protect her master and fulfill her wish.

Shio Sakaki

Self-proclaimed 100-Dan Karate Master.

Shizuka Kasagi

Shizuka Kasagi is the landlady of Corona House and possible love interest in the Invader of Rokujyouma harem.

South Italy

The anthromorphization of South Italy in the anime/manga Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Tarisa Manadal

A TSF Pilot from the Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse series.

Theiamillis Gre Fortorthe

Theiamillis Gre Fortorthe is a princess of Fortorthe who wanted to conquer room 106.

Ursula Abramov

Ursula Abramov is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Yurika Nijino

Yurika Nijino is a clumsy, magical girl who lives in Kōtarō's closet.

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