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Ah! My Goddess is an anime series in the Ah! My Goddess franchise
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A fairly average romantic comedy for me. Reviewed by Dream on Feb. 26, 2011. Dream has written 157 reviews. His/her last review was for Parasyte -the maxim-. 317 out of 332 users recommend his reviews.
I heard enough about this series being one of the original classic romantic comedies so I figured I would give the 2005 first TV season a try thanks to the Devil's Advocate Poll here on Anime Vice. To be perfectly honest, my thoughts of it are "meh" at most. The show's clearly playing with character archetypes I've seen enough times within romantic comedies like Keiichi the nice guy, Belldandy the sweet-natured love interest, Urd the busty troublemaker and Skuld the bratty younger sister. The biggest issue I had with the series was that I couldn't really find myself buying the whole relationship between Keiichi and Belldandy. Not much background is provided on either character and rather than focus on a slow build-up where the two adjust to their circumstances and come to realize they may feel something more for one another, the two immediately hook up and accept the circumstances that they are thrown into. Both of the two tend to be too nice (and sometimes dense) for their own good at enough points. I'd be pressed to say that Urd and Skuld get more fleshing out than what I seen out of the main couple considering Urd's conflicts with her origins and Skuld dealing with growing up are dealt with in some episodes. It can be a problem if I find that the two supporting characters seem more fleshed out and developed than the show's main couple. I also found the addition of Mueller to raise some confusion for me at first as I had thought Oh My Goddess had fantasy action/ adventure being mixed into its genres covered. Ultimately, said developments with Urd and Skuld plus some comedy moments revolving around the bad luck of those meddling with Keiichi and the goddesses are what kept me pressing on with the show.

As mediocre as I found the characters of Oh My Goddess to be though, I have to admit that the visuals were impressive enough with the show. Scenery and character designs were clean, polished and had plenty of detail with CG animation used to great effect during moments of fluid movements or complex visual renderings.

Otherwise, I felt Oh My Goddess was a cookie-cutter romantic comedy with fantasy tossed into the mix. While it has its moments with developments involving some prominent or supporting characters and comedy, I didn't really find myself growing attached to Keiichi and Belldandy as they lacked the build-up and fleshing out I seen of pairings from most other romance titles I've come across and I don't think I would have any interest in wanting to see anything else from the series for a while, if ever.
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