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Ah! My Goddess is an anime series in the Ah! My Goddess franchise
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Ah! The Life and Times of Keiichi Morisato Reviewed by TriforceF on July 15, 2010. TriforceF has written 5 reviews. His/her last review was for Chäos;HEAd. 21 out of 23 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Ah! My Goddess is a tale about one mans misfortune and thanks to this ends up with the girl of his dreams.  
Keiichi Morisato is your average college student and the odds seemed to be always stacked against him although he acts kind and thoughtful even if nothing seems to go his way. Then one day by 'accident' calls the Goddess Helpline and Belldandy a high level Goddess comes down to grant him one wish and Keiichi blurts out 'Stay with me'. Thus starts a tale of two lovers and their attempt to stay together no matter what happens.  
I think the most touching thing about this story is that although there is plenty of female characters throughout the series (like Belldandy's sisters) it never crosses the line and becomes a harem and stays firmly in the world of romantic comedy which seems to less explored genre in the world of anime. This made it a great palette cleanser compared the usual shounen's and harems out there.  
Now onto the characters... Although none of them aren't anything that hasn't been done before that doesn't stop them from being like able characters. What with Belldandy's complete innocence to the outside world, and Keiichi's hopeless love for her, plus later on the introduction of Urd (Belldandy's older sister) and Skuld (Belldandys younger sister) thrown into the mix and the many secondary characters that show up from time to time there's plenty to keep you entertained. 
Although I did feel Skuld was a bit of a spoiled brat to begin with but after watching the extra three episodes at the end of the series I felt it did help flesh her out her character and stopped me disliking her AS much. I think the problem is she reminds me too much of my own little sister! Urd on the other hand I thought was a good character what with her constant teasing of Keiichi about how he fails to tell Belldandy his true feelings.  
All the characters felt very genuine and realistic even if three of them are spiritual beings. 
Anyways the animation is nothing special but with its cheerful bright color palette it suits the theme of the show well.  
The sound like the animation isn't anything special but fits with the show's theme with happy upbeat tunes that'll be stuck in your head after the series has finished. Although the opening theme can seem a bit 'different' what with the bag pipes and all but it does grow on you so don't worry.  
All in all I would give Ah! My Goddess 3.5 stars as it maybe my favorite rom com I've watched (anime or otherwise) it doesn't do anything outstanding bar show that loads of fan service is not needed to show a good love story. 
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