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Agent Aika is a franchise comprised of 3 anime series, 1 manga series
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The second-in-command in the Delmo Corps and the commanding officers lover.

Aika Sumeragi

A beautiful woman skilled in combat and many weapons. She works as a salvager and sometimes takes on missions such as espionage.

B.A. Bandora

Gust Turbulence's salvage partner.


A Golden Delmo who was in charge of of Operation "Golden Apple". She had a personal vendetta against Aika for killing one of her friends in the first series.


The chief commanding officer of the Delmo Corps who after Hagen's demise took command of the Delmogeny.

Eri Shinkai

She was one of Aika's allies during her early days. She is a girl that loves adventure and mysteries.

Gozo Aida

Aikas boss and old partner.

Gust Turbulence

A salvager and a rival/friend to Aika Sumeragi.

Karen Minamino

She was one of Aika's allies. She was originally a clone produced by an organization.

Maypia Alexymetalia

A "Class A" spy employed by the government to retrieve information on Lagu by infiltrating Hagen's army.

Michikusa Shuntaro

A new salvager that joins K2 Corporation. Michikusa is a complete airhead to which annoys Rion.

Nagisa Risako

High School teacher and a agent of a secret entity that's not disclosed. Risako-sensei is also the adviser for the High School's Treasure Hunting Club.

Neena Hagen

One of the leaders of the Delmos and the sister of Rudolf Hagen. She respects and loves her brother Rudolf to a level beyond siblings and would do anything for him.

Nina Esuko

A White Delmo who participated in Operation "Silver Wild Grapevine".

Rie Petoriyacowa

A Golden Delmo with a child like personality who was in charge of Operation "Silver Wild Grapevine". She had been studying Aikas fighting skills.

Rion Aida

Aika's salvaging partner and the daughter of Aikas Boss Gozo Aida.

Rudolf Hagen

Neena Hagen's older brother. Hagen was born as a genetically altered test tube baby, in the process he received superior genes. Because of that he yearns for superior women to impart the genes to his next generation.


One of the four Golden Delmo's. Sanias main weapon is a grenade pistol.


One of the four Golden Delmo's. Tonias main weapon is a pair of claws.


A Blue Delmo who took part in Operation "Golden Apple". She disguised herself as a man to get close to Aika.

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