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Age Change is a anime/manga concept
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Aki Hinata

Fuyuki and Natsumi's mother. Aki is a manga editor who decided to base the main character of her latest manga on Keroro.

Annerose Vajra

The main heroine of the Koutetsu no majo Annerose series by Lilith-soft



Chrono is one of the main protagonists of Chrono Crusade. Once a high-ranking demon, now befriending Rosette as he helps her, cleansed America of demons.


Colonello is one of the Arcobaleno. He is a skilled marksman with a military background.

Conan Edogawa

This is Shinichi Kudo in the form of a little boy. Shinichi was transformed by an experimental drug he was forced to take by a gang of criminals. He is named after the writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He still retains all his memories, intellect, and brilliant detective skills.

Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell

Evangeline is a vampire that is cursed to remain within the borders of Mahora Academy by Negi's father, the Thousand Master. She is the master of Negi's magical combat training.

Fate Averruncus

Fate Averruncus is a mysterious young man who challenges Negi and is set to destroy the Magical World. He has some unknown link to Negi's father.

Frederica Tenjuin

One of the children at Elmore Wood training to master her psychic powers. She holds herself in the highest of opinion and can control fire with her mind.


Genkai is the master of Martial Arts and spirit power training. Her methods are unorthodox, but always effective. Fifty years ago she was part of the team that won the Dark Tournament.


Goku is one of the last members of the Saiyan race, sent to Earth as a baby and raised among humans. As a powerful martial artist, he defends Earth against the aliens who come to destroy it.


A male (yes, I kid you not, that's a dude) Hasturan who was Nyarko's and Kuko's classmate in space elementary school.


One of Mosquitons servants who has the ability to control fire.


I-Pin is first introduced as an assassin from Hong Kong who is out to take out Tsuna, but she almost immediately gives up this life. She may have a very odd look to her but in the future she grows into her head to become a beautiful young girl.

Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney is a pirate captain and one of the Eleven Supernovas. She has a Devil Fruit power that allows her to control her own age and those around her.


King is the Fairy King and is a member of The Seven Deadly Sins, his sin is Grizzly Sin of Sloth


A beautiful woman who uses magical bullets. She defied the gods and was cursed, and was turned into a little girl who can only revert to her normal self by falling in love.

Kyle Tenjuin

Kyle is part of Elmore Wood School, he loves to fight.

Lal Mirch

Lal Mirch (ラル・ミルチ)


Lambo Is the Guardian of Lightning for Tsuna's Vongola Family. He originally came from the Bovino fFamily on a order to kill Reborn.


Loki is the Norse God of Chaos and mischief, the main character of the series.

Marie Tenjuin

Marie is part of Elmore Wood School. She is very kind.

Maya Natsume

A Beautiful and strong fighter and current leader of the Juken Club

Medusa Gorgon

Medusa is one of the main villains in Soul Eater. She is a witch who seeks the revival of the Kishin.


A little girl who lost her mother and is forced to raise her too little brothers. Asking for help god gives her magical pills that give her the ability to change her age or turn into a animal.

Mina Tepes

She is the ruler of the Tepes clan of vampires; she is considered Queen of all vampires. Despite her appearance, she is much older than twelve. She is a hard and proud ruler intent on preserving the race of vampires.


Fairy princess sent to Earth by her parents to learn from humans

Natsumi Hinata

The older sister of Fuyuki and the one in charge of the Hinata house when their mother is not home. She is very strict on Keroro and always doubts of his intentions, physically abusing him on several occasions and treating him as a slave.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Neliel Tu Oderschvank was the former 3rd Espada. After she was ambushed and attacked, her Hollow Mask was damaged and she was changed into a childish Hollow with no memories.


Reborn (リボーン)


Reynalle is a Fallen angel. She disguises herself as a sweet and cute high school girl by the name of "Yuuma Amano" in order to win the heart of Issei Hyoudou.

Shao Tenjuin

Shao is part of Elmore Wood School

Shia Woo

Shia come from a clan that protect the Dark Crystal from evil hands


A member of the Arcobaleno and holds the purple pacifier. He is a weapons expert and is head of the combat division of his mafia family.


Tama is a nine-tailed fox who is the main antagonist in Omamori Himari.

Van Tenjuin

Van is part of Elmore Wood School, he is very silly.


A member of Varia, Viper is also an Arcobaleno who is very skilled when it comes to illusions.


One of Mosquitons servants who has the ability to control ice.

Yū Morisawa

Main Protagonist of the anime franchise "Creamy Mami", who can turn herself into the titular Teenage persona.

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