Land of the Blindfolded #1 - After the Festival

is a manga book published by Hakusensha that was released on 02/01/2000

Plot Summary

First, Kanade feels that she is a very important person because she can see into the future, and she takes it upon herself to save those in danger. One day at school, her best friend Eri-chan gets a boyfriend. When Kanade meets her new boyfriend Ezawa-kun, she sees in the near future that Ezawa will cheat on Eri. She goes out of her way to disco the source of these feelings and to stop the tragedy from happening. Along the way, she meets a buy that can see into the past. Arou-kun tells Kanade that she shouldn't mess with other people and their fate because she would be the only one who gets hurt in the end. Kanade confesses more and more of her feelings towards her powers, and Arou finds something special about her. In the meantime, Ezawa is giver a second chance by Eri. And this time he is serious about her.

Second, we see that Kanade stops an accident from happening but when she goes out of her way to stop it the man only scolds her. Luckily, Shouko was there and helped. However, Shouko can also see into the future but unlike Kanade he doesn't have good motives instead he just watches and laughs. Like his tricky personality, he played a prank on Arou and told him that Yukiko will get into trouble in the future. Later, Arou decides to take a walk in Kanades shoes and help others and on top of that he has to stay away from Kanade. In the meantime, Shouko spends time with Kanade and discovers that his power is more precious then he thinks. In the end, Kanade gets involved with Yukiko and tries to help her too while Arour confesses his love to Kanade.


Japan's Release Date: February 2000

North American's Release Date: November 1, 2004

Chapter 1 - Pg. 3

Chapter 2 - Pg. 47

Chapter 3 - Pg. 91

After the PE Class - Pg. 131

The Boy Who Gets Things Wrong - Pg. 171

Omake - Pg. 203



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