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Afro Samurai is an anime series in the Afro Samurai franchise
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Oozes enough in style yet hardly has any substance. Reviewed by Dream on March 12, 2011. Dream has written 152 reviews. His/her last review was for Golden Time. 313 out of 328 users recommend his reviews. 4 out of 6 users found this review helpful.
 Well, this is a rather interesting take on sci-fi and action. Granted, the whole 'revenge' storyline has been done to death in countless other action titles I've seen, both in anime and American live-action films. But, I'll give this movie credit for trying to offer something different with its action. But all said and done, much within this movie will get kudos for the style with its detailed character designs and fluid and intense battle scenes. As for the substance though, there is limited character depth and development as well as plot elements that are typical of the 'revenge' storyline approach. Not to mention there's enough gore, blood, 'F' bombs, and even some sexual content to give you plenty of shock value.

In terms of the plot, Afro Samurai switches back and forth between past and present. The present shows his journey as he takes out the Empty Seven and continue his journey to persue Justice, the Number One. The past shows how Afro acquired his skills and became the Number Two. These flashbacks also show how his actions affected those close to him at the dojo as they find themselves associated with Afro's enemies or dead from the war for the position of Number Two.

But, the whole problem with this storyline approach is that only the past storylines show signs of character development while the present is non-stop action. Enemies lack any depth as they are only around to hinder Afro only to get effortlessly hacked apart in gory fashion by the guy. Present Afro's just a quiet, emotionless, deadpan fellow who I couldn't find connecting with at all. Ninja Ninja was the saving grace of the present storyline as his smart-mouthed attitude added some humor to this dark environment and even shown some symbolism into the path of Afro's character. As for the past storyline, it was the strongest bit in terms of plotting as it does give you a good sense of how Afro and those he cared for get affected by the headband battles.

But even Samuel L. Jackson's talents alone aren't enough for me to consider liking Afro Samurai if all there is to it is style. I've seen enough 'revenge' themed anime and American movies. Only the visuals stood as the strongest element to Afro Samurai for me.
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