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Afro Samurai is an anime series in the Afro Samurai franchise
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Afro Samurai

Afro's father was known as Number One. When Afro was a child, his father was killed by Number 2 in front of him. Afro has dedicated his life to avenge his father's death. As the new No. 2, he is out to kill No. 1.


A swordsman who wears a cybernetic teddy bear mask. Jinnosuke possesses great skill in wielding twin blades and is an old friend of Afro from his days at the dojo.


The main antagonist of the Afro Samurai franchise, Justice killed Afro's father to become the new Number One.

Ninja Ninja

A constant companion of Afro Samurai who may or may not be an imaginary friend.


An old friend of Afro and Jino who works for The Empty Seven. She has the ability to take people’s memories as they sleep.

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