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Afro Samurai is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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With all the good blogs being posted recently I've felt I should contribute. The trouble with that is I'm behind on my anime news, the entire Fall Season, and when I do a blog I want to have something that will provoke others to think about what I've said whether they are interested or displeased. I thought about this while at work last night (because I have nothing but time on my hands to think) but had to make sure i remembered because a number of ideas have been forgotten since I don't have an easy method of writing them down. So, without further ado, here are some unsolved mysteries of anime that plague my mind.

Note: If you know the answer or the manga solved any stated mystery then please inform me with a comment.

Ergo Proxy



What this one basically comes down to is series is a complete mindfuck. It was an interesting watch but I cannot get myself to go through it again as it is so confusing with a seemingly sped up ending. The mysteries for this show for me are: did Ergo Proxy save the world or reset shit and is it a post-apocalyptic world? 

Tenchi Muyo! GXP



This one is probably silly but it's just something I want to know. At the end of show Seina is aboard his ship with an 8 woman crew. Now, he was scheduled to marry 4 of them when the other 4 kidnapped him during the ceremony. The mystery for me: did Seina marry all 8 of them or none at all? 




As this is one of my favorite harems I just have to bring this up because it seemed like some closure was going to be made-only to be slapped in the face! Kazuki gets his soul pieced back together only to be separated in like 8 copies of himself. Therefore the mystery is: is that how it all ends or does Kazuki eventually get back to one body? 

Afro Samurai



We all know it's better seeing Samual L. Jackson kicking samurai and robot ass (in voice) than getting motherfucking snakes off a motherfucking plane. Now, Afro has been through hell and back and even died for a minute but considering the very end of either the series or the movie ( I can't remember which and don't want to look it up) that has a quick view of Justice (yeah that dude's still alive after being sliced into little piece!) the mystery has to be: will they face off again and when will Afro get a damn vacation? 

Black Lagoon



My love for this franchise is well documented on Anime Vice so of course I would have a question or two. Having not seen the second episode of Roberta's Blood Trail yet maybe an answer has been provided that I don't know about. The mysteries for me are: who is Dutch really, have Revy and Rock hooked up, and will there ever be another series full of such badass women (this one is debatable, I know)? 

Code Geass



This is my favorite anime and what would a favorite or great anime be without a little unsolved mystery? Perhaps, at least to my knowledge, the mystery I pose here is one of the most heatedly debated ones of all anime. That mystery is: is Lelouch dead? 

This one I have to give my thoughts. I say that Lelouch is the cart driver at the very end and my supporting evidence is that the driver has his head down and is only panned over and C.C. is talked to him. This the largest followed theory from what I've heard and read but I've also heard that the creators say that Lelouch is, in fact, dead. 
-Will McQuigg (sotyfan16) is your everyday anime/manga enthusiast. You can also find him on Twitter (bildo_88).

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So I went to GameStop to pick up Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.  After I get the game, my friend texts me to go to Blockbuster.  I said "Why?"  He says "They are selling everything for $5."  So apparently my Blockbuster is going out of business and they have to sell everything quick.  Old stuff to new stuff, $5 each.  I had $25 to spend so these are the games I got.
If I had more money I would have got a few more, but sadly, I don't.  I was hoping to find Deadly Premonition there, but didn't see it.  If I went right when they opened, I could have got Red Dead for $5.      :(
My brother got a shit ton of movies and some games like Crackdown 2.
So if you have a Blockbuster in your area, check and see if anything is going on. 
Also.......................AWESOME REACH!!!!!!!! 
That is all my friends. 
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Hello all! 
Needless to say, the title tells it all. It's currently 2:37 AM and even though I have Fridays off I have a ton of homework to have done for Monday. Some of the items due I've known about all semester and others just got annouced. To the point though... 
Point one is that I procrastinate like not other. I do that naturally but over the past couple years it has been primarily due to my anime watching. I knew of only a couple anime titles 3 years ago and now I could list at least a hundred that I've seen and a few hundred more that I've heard of. Now, I realize that I could have a lot more done and be more productive if I did things bit by bit or just kept motivated but I say fuck that. At first I would just watch a few episodes at a time and then do other things. Now it has come to the point where I will watch a few hours or so a day and tell myself that assignments and such can wait. Don't get me wrong I want to do well in school (since graduation is in sight) and I do get done what I need to but I really like anime and hope to make it my future. 
Point two is how I buy anime even when I don't need to spend any money. I do also buy movies and games but anime takes up the majority of the money that doesn't need to be spent. And thanks to this habit of mine I now have no money, literally. To help ease some of my anime costs I do tell my family I want cash and giftcards for holidays and my birthday. When I make my wishlist for them I usually put a handful of anime titles and get most or all on the list (which makes me so happy). 
Point number three is how I keep up with anime. I have an "Anime" and "Manga" folder in my Favorites tab so I can quickly go to whatever site I want to catch new episodes and volumes. I also follow a number of anime companies and bloggers on Twitter and Facebook (having both apps on my iPhone doesn't help me pay attention in class either) and check each many times a day. 
Finally, my fourth point. It is that I have quite a few anime ideas int he works but have only actually started one them with a friend. What doesn't help is that here at school I only have a couple people to talk anime with. Although, I do talk to my friends and roommates about it but mostly about interesting news and such (I even got some of them to watch Afro Samurai, but that is the extent to their anime watching as they find it gay and dumb and wrong (moe and the like)). So it's only when I am home that I can get to try and make any progress. In addition to the writing I am working to learn Japanese. That..isn't going very far at the moment. I am hoping to work with an anime company sometime in my life but I'm in the process of starting with one after school via an internship (really hoping something positive happens since I've already been to the company and showed interest; basically put my foot in the door). 
Well, all in all and in the end I just need to get out of school and things should be easier for me to get done. As always I'm open to comments and stories since you never know what you might find out.

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Why don't we see more anime into video games? Well, it stands to fact that many just aren't able to be adapted for one. When you look at the length of series and then at the story and content, most anime just don't cut it. There are some that do however. Ikkitousen: Shining Dragon, for example, came out for the PS2 but only in Japan. I'm sure there are other titles that only had a game in Japan that I don't know about but Ikkitousen is an example of something going wrong to not allow the anime-to-game in the US and other parts of the world. My other issue with anime-to-games is that when the anime do have enough of a story and length to be made a game they just suck as a game. Be it the graphics, altered storyline/characters, and/or overall playability and likability of the game, the anime isn't done justice for the audiences of the world who buy the game because it's something new or because they like the anime. The Mobile Suit Gundam games for example: the graphics suck, the stories are off, and the gameplay is too poor to say, all top out the Ring of 3 Evils* for video games. It's hard to change the Pokemon games but that's fine as why change what isn't totally broken? Naruto graphics are pretty good and the gameplay works well enough, Dragon Ball Z games were cool until they started messing with the gameplay and didn't improve the graphics all that much, and Bleach games are cool and good (I like Shattered Blade on Wii) but the fighting is arcade style and the stories seem short and you can't actually travel.
From looking at a list of anime and mange made into games (there is more than I care to count and a greay many that I've never heard of) I can say my view is limited. I'm open to input about what anime games are good and what the gaming and anime industries can do to better the games and create greater interest. To finalize this, my first blog, I will say that Afro Samurai (PS3) is my favorite anime-to-game and it used to be Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (PS2). 
*I am coining this phrase from this point on when I talk about anime-to-games.

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Le'ts share the Samuel L. Jackson love, shall we? <3
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Afro Samurai Resurrection
Afro Samurai Resurrection
Wu Music Group, the new label ran by the administrative mind of Mitchell “Divine” Diggs and the creative force of Wu-Tang Clan’s chief architect, “The RZA”, will release their second album, Afro Samurai: The Resurrection, on January 27th, 2009. The album is the soundtrack to season two of Spike TV’s critically lauded animated television show and DVD featuring the voice of Samuel L Jackson and is musically produced entirely by Wu Tang Clan’s The RZA. The soundtrack features unlikely collaborations and guest spots from legendary recording artists such as Sly Stone, members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, and a whole cast of RZA’s protégé’s, including the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s son – Boy Jones. This highly anticipated release demonstrates RZA’s incredible genius and ability to unite some of the finest voices in hip-hop together in one place. The multi-talented producer/actor will also hit the big screen again later in the year as he co-stars in the upcoming comedy from writer/director Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up) out summer 2009.  He will be seen alongside Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann in Funny People, the story of a famous comedian who has a near-death experience.
The Afro Samurai animated series debuted on Spike TV in 2006 and was the best-selling anime DVD release of 2007. In Afro Samurai: Resurrection, Academy Award® -nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson returns as the voice of the solitary warrior Afro Samurai and his sidekick Ninja Ninja as well as executive-producer of the this stylish series. Joining the cast this season is Lucy Liu (Dirty Sexy Money, Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill) as Sio, the seductive and sadistic mastermind plotting to destroy Afro. Also newly cast is Mark Hamill (Star Wars) as Bin, Sio’s servant and protector.

RZA’s 2007 soundtrack to season one of the Afro Samurai series introduced the world to a new team/swarm of the Wu disciples and included legendary collaborations with Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, and more never thought to be captured on tape. The exceptional follow up comes with deluxe packaging and O-Card and features the Wu-Tang mastermind at his architect best, drawing up the blueprint for a new dimension of sound and collaborations with friends old and new.
Afro Samurai: Resurrection marks another milestone for Wu Music Group, which recently announced a comprehensive partnership with The Orchard, to distribute and market the label's popular catalogue worldwide.  The Orchard and Wu Music have digitally released the label’s entire catalogue of unreleased material, including important recordings from RZA and other Wu-Tang Clan members, and will be marketing and distributing future physical and digital releases, beginning with Afro Samurai: Resurrection, from current label acts and new signings. The saga will continue, as the Diggs brothers breathe new life into the legacy of the Wu-Tang Clan. The RZA is also currently on tour with the Wu-Tang Clan - dates below!

12.10.2008    DENVER, CO    OGDEN THEATRE
12.14.2008    CHICAGO, IL    HOUSE OF BLUES -
12.17.2008    CLEVELAND, OH    HOUSE OF BLUES 
12.20.2008    NEW HAVEN, CT    TOAD'S PLACE
12.27.2008    LANCASTER, PA    CHAMELEON
12.31.2008    BALTIMORE, MD    SONAR
01.01.2009    WASHINGTON, DC    9:30 CLUB
01.07.2009    NORFOLK, VA    THE NORVA
01.13.2009    COLUMBIA, SC    LEVEL
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Yep. The non-ending you should've expected.

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

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