Afro Samurai Resurrection

Afro Samurai Resurrection is an anime movie in the Afro Samurai Franchise
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Know that Afro has avenged his father and is now the new No.1, he lives a live of peace and solitude until old friends from his past comeback for revenge against Afro.

The story begins with Afro Samurai sitting in a darkened house, carving various figures out of wood with only a few candles by light.

A dream sequence shows a younger Afro Samurai with the Number Two headband catching some fish by a pier, only to be attack by a pair of fencers. After killing them both, more challengers come to kill him and take his headband, but he manages to kill them all. Suddenly, as he takes a smoke break, he finds himself face to face with his father, who appears to be crucified and groaning Afro's name.

Back in the present, Afro continues carving wooden figures while Jinnosuke rides in on a motorcycle and drags him away. Jinno's sister Sio waits at a nearby cliff where Afro buried his father, along with his sword and the Number One headband. Jinno reaches into the grave of Afro's father and takes his jawbone while Sio takes the Number One headband, beats up Afro, and tells him of her plans to resurrect Afro's father for the sole purpose of making him suffer. She tells him to go find the Number Two headband if he wants to get the Number One headband back and save his soon-to-be-resurrected father.

Ninja Ninja appears the next day while Afro meditates in the wreckage of his former house, mocking Afro's weakness and wondering how Jinno could still be alive when Afro killed him already. Meanwhile, Sio gives the jawbone of Afro's father to Professor Dharman in hopes of resurrecting him in her complex revenge scheme.

Ninja Ninja once again voices his opinion of how "crazy" he thinks the whole thing is, and wonders aloud if Afro shouldn't just give it a rest. Afro claims he has to embark on the journey and defeat Sio so that his father may rest in peace, while a swordsmith repairs Afro's sword. Ninja continues to mock Afro, but Afro continues to largely ignore him. Afro heads to Lady Luck Town in order to get information on the location of the Number Two headband, but is accosted by angry villagers who each claim that Afro murdered someone close to them. Afro decides to knock them out non-lethally, and ignores the curses of one old man as he continues into the town.

Afro and Ninja walk into a strip club in town, and Ninja tells Afro he plans to get a lap dance, while Afro meets with the owner of the club: Brother #3 from the now-defunct Empty Seven Clan, who is sitting next to an invalid Brother #1. Afro demands information about the headband, and #3 offers to play a little game with Afro, using dice. If Afro wins, #3 will give him the information. If he loses, then #3 will take his head. As Afro leaves, #3 tells #1 that "Unlike you, Brother #1, I only play games that I know I will win," and holds up a small remote.

Ninja Ninja reappears, telling Afro of the lap dance he got, while a girl prepares the dice for the game. As she asks the players for their bets, Afro picks "odd", and Brother #3 picks "even," pushing the small remote from earlier hidden under his beard. #3 claims that Afro lost "fair and square," but Afro whips out his sword and cuts off #3's beard, revealing the remote underneath. Ninja calls him out for cheating, and asks for a free lap dance. At swordpoint, #3 tells Afro that the current wearer of the Number Two headband is a ronin named Shichigoro, located in Maji(spelling?) City.

With this information, Afro heads back on the trail, while Ninja calls Afro "boring" for leaving the club so early. The two of them walk through a nearby graveyard, where Sio mocks Afro through a hidden camera planted in a Buddha statue, and tells him of the torture she's going to inflict on his father's slowly regenerating body. Afro grows angry at her words, and slices the Buddha statue in half with his sword.


Back in her evil lair, Sio tells Jinno that they "must walk the path of demons" in order to make Afro Samurai suffer the way she wants him to suffer, and calls Jinno her "beloved brother."

The next morning, Ninja Ninja holds up a flyer mentioning the coming of a "hip-hop parade" in the city they are heading towards as Afro takes a smoke break. As Afro continues along the path, a strange man with a small shotgun is running towards Afro, having apparently kidnapped a small child. Ninja wonders why he would do it in broad daylight, while the kidnapper is threatening to shoot Afro if he doesn't move. Afro stays put, and a second man starts running towards the kidnapper from his back. Finally, the kidnapper pulls the trigger on his shotgun, but Afro dodges the shot and slices off the kidnappers's arm along with his face.

The second man thanks Afro for rescuing the boy, whom he calls his son Kotaro, and offers to buy him a drink. They walk into the city as the hip-hop parade continues down the street. The owner of the shop refers to the man as Shichigoro, the current holder of the Number Two headband, and Ninja later seems to confirm this, saying " sucks [that] you gotta kill this dude," before commenting on the owner's cooking skills.

Shichigoro orders himself a sake and, slightly inebriated, tells Afro why his son got kidnapped. He reveals that Kotaro isn't even his real son, but the orphaned boy of a friend that he promised to take care of when his friend died. As the story continues, Shichigoro adds that his friend was one of the many people seeking the Number Two headband, and might have even been killed by Afro sometime in the past. With his dying breath, Shichigoro's friend told him "no more." So Shichigoro took the Number Two headband and tried to hide it, until Afro showed up. After his story, Shichigoro decides to challenge Afro to a duel for the headband, telling him that he could care less about saving the world or Afro's intentions, but he just wants Kotaro to live in a world where people aren't dying for the sake of the headbands.

The two of them begin to formally duel, and Shichigoro even manages to cut off a small piece of Afro's afro. Shichigoro talks about how maybe he should be the one to kill him, while Ninja wonders aloud why Afro doesn't just "slice and dice him" during his monologue. Finally, Schichigoro unleashes a weighted chain and attacks Afro with it. For some reason, Afro runs from the battleground into the middle of the hip-hop parade, while Shichigoro runs after him and continues attacking.

In the middle, Sio calls the DJ of the parade, telling him to "bring it, baby." The DJ puts on an album titled "DESTROY ALL AFROSAMURAIS." Several ninjas launch smoke grenades into the middle of the parade and attack both Afro and Shichigoro. The two of them slaughter all the ninjas and finish their duel, with Afro stabbing Shichigoro and using the DJ as makeshift cover. Afro collects the Number Two headband as Kotaro sees him standing over his now-dead guardian, and begins to cry over his body.

As Afro leaves the city, Ninja complains about him ruining the parade when Jinno and Sio appear on a motorcycle. Sio holds up the spinal cord and head of Afro's still-regenerating father. The sight triggers a painful memory in Afro's past, and he attacks Sio in blind rage, but finds himself outmatched as Sio, Jinno, and a strange man with a spike-launching boombox push him back before disappearing.


The next part begins with a flashback sequence, where a young Sio runs up a hill to meet her brother Jinno along with Afro Samurai. Sio gushes about all the things she learned at her new foster home, while her brother introduces her to Afro, and claims he's just like a brother to him.

Next, the scene switches back to the present day, where Sio is back in her evil lair. Jinno is out of his teddy bear helmet and hooked up to some sort of machine, while the robotic Professor Dharman complains about Sio's action in taking the incomplete body of Afro's father out of the tank just for her own whim. He claims that he'll the experiment could turn out the greatest samurai ever to walk the earth, or "a useless pile of protein jelly." Sio thanks Dharman in her own special way for helping her out, and then kicks him in the face.

Meanwhile, Afro and Ninja Ninja are walking to Cherry Hill to answer Sio's ultimatum for another showdown. They cross through a large desert, walking through a sandstorm with a few bottles of water while Ninja whines about the events of the story. Ninja then notices the sight of Kotaro following slowly behind, remarking that since Afro killed his father, maybe he wants to get revenge by killing Afro. Kotaro is shown dragging his father's sword behind him, but the heat and wind of the desert become too much for him to handle and he collapses muttering the words, "Sorry, daddy" before falling unconscious. He later wakes up under the shade of a large rock, and finds that someone planted a bottle full of water right next to him.

Later, Sio brags about showing Afro his father's corpse to her henchmen, telling them that Afro Samurai made them into monsters, so that they too must share in her revenge scheme. She holds up a photograph, showing the characters smiling while in similar costumes while continuing to talk about her plans for Afro. A short moment afterward, the three henchmen take off on motorbikes.

Ninja and Afro continue walking up the mountain to reach Cherry Hill, and walk through a ruined dojo. Ninja even catches sight of a plaque with Justice's name on it, while asking him if he's sure this is the right direction. Eventually, Afro manages to find the one cherry blossom tree that is still blooming (hence, Cherry Hill), finding himself facing off against three people that he vaguely remembers. Ninja asks what they are, and a henchman with a cigar attached to his mask shoots Ninja through the chest with a large spike.

After the three henchmen reveal their cybernetic bodies to Afro, they launch an attack on him. Meanwhile, Professor Dharman claims that the regneration of Afro's father is entering its final phase, and that any slight errors or miscalculations could ruin everything. Sio finds out that her henchmen are attacking Afro without her word, while the professor plays coy about his involvement. Sio responds by rubbing her body against the Professor, then abruptly finishing the regeneration process before stabbing him in the neck with her tanto.

Back outside, Afro continues fighting against the three henchmen, but suffers a large cut across his midesection and falls to the ground. The leader of the henchmen claims that they are killing him so that Sio will not have "to walk the path of darkness." However, Afro gets a second wind and fights back against them.

As she stands next to what appears to be the fully regenerated body of Afro's father, Sio remarks that she just wanted Afro to see the consequences of his actions before she slit his throat, but her henchmen rushed in to attack Afro, and that they would probably be dead.


The three cybernetic henchmen continue fighting with Afro Samurai on top of a rooftop. At one point, the female manages to trap Afro, but her comrade doesn't want to shoot him through her. Afro manages to break free and destroy them both, and then manages to take out the third one before he self-destructs with him.

Afro continues walking up the hill, but Ninja Ninja notices that he's bleeding heavily. Even so, Afro walks right into Sio, who is waiting at the top with her brother Jinnosuke and the resurrected body of Afro's father. Ninja wonders aloud if Afro is just stupid for constantly walking into the traps that Sio has set throughout his journey, but Afro ignores him and walks up to the three. He claims to have come for his father and for the Number One headband that Sio now wears. Jinno responds by dashing forward and punching him in the solarplexus.

While Afro lies unconscious, Afro's father calls to him, wondering why he didn't he keep the Number One headband at the start. Afro responds that he wanted revenge for him. The headbands didn't matter. His father tells him that even so, he can't just quit. Either he has to kill others to keep the headband, or be killed by those who seek it for themselves. There is no escape from the cycle of violence.

Afro wakes up in the center of the ring and sees his father pick him up and start wailing on him with his fists. Afro puts up only token resistance before his sword gets stuck and snaps off in his father's left arm, and then gets thrown through a wall. Afro's flying body nearly hits Sio, but Jinno takes the hit. Afro then keeps getting beat up while Sio revels in the sight and Jinno starts to have flashbacks. Finally, Afro's father chokes him to death, and the voice of Ninja begs Afro to fight back. Afro tells him that he can't bring himself to kill his own father, and Ninja replies that this looks like "the end of Afro."

Finally, Afro appears dead on the ground while Sio cheers. However, Jinno starts having flashbacks of his time with Afro in the past, and suddenly feels the need to save him. Sio begs him to stop, but Jinno launches an attack on Afro's father. He manages to make a couple slices in his chest, but Afro's father simply rips his arms off one-by-one. Sio gets enraged and stabs Afro's father in the back with her tanto. However, not only does he survive, but he fights back against her as well. He uses Jinno's body as a human shield, and then stabs them both through the chest at the same time with his sword.

As Afro's father takes the Number One headband for himself, Jinno appears to send an electric charge from his body over to Afro Samuai using the blood as a conductor and restarts Afro's heart. Afro uses the Number Two headband to tie one of Jinno's swords to his hand and then launches one final strike on his own father, telling him "'re not my father, my father died a long time ago."

Later, Kotaro is seen walking up the hill when he comes face to face with the wounded Afro Samurai, carrying both headbands. Kotaro tries to unsheathe Shichigoro's sword, but he looks too scared to fight. Afro simply hands him the Number Two headband, and tells him that when he's ready to fight, Afro will be waiting for him.

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Ushio Tazawa Key Animator
Fumitoshi Oizaki Key Animator Fumitoshi Oizaki is an animator and director best known for his work with Gonzo Studios on such anime as Kaleido Star and Romeo x Juliet.
Kizaki Fuminori Director Director of the award-winning Afro Samurai anime.
Takashi Okazaki Writer
Yasuyuki Muto Writer
Kouichi Hashimoto Animation Director Key Animator on Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, and other films and series
Steve Blum Voice Actor Voiced a few extras in the movie.
Samuel L. Jackson Producer Voice actor for Afro Samurai and related characters.
Shinichiro Ishikawa Executive Producer Executive producer for Gonzo

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General Information Edit
Name: Afro Samurai Resurrection
Release Date: Jan. 25, 2009
Name: アフロサムライ:レザレクション
Romaji: afuro samurai rezarekushon
Release Date: Feb. 3, 2009
Rating: R
Runtime: 100 (mins)
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