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Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is an anime series in the Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero franchise
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Arm Devices (AD Bands)

Arm Bands or AD bands allows one to form weapons using their magic.

Lunch Box

Lunch boxes are traditional in Japan for taking to school and work, sometimes they are given as a sign of admiration for someone.

School Uniform

The character is wearing school uniform. Most probably he/she's a student.


It's Akatsuki's bike that has supersonic speed. It shocks anyone who is unworthy.


Swimwear is clothing designed for participating in different manners of water based events and/or to be worn as light clothing in hot conditions, such as those at a beach.


Worn under everything else, underwear includes panties, breifs, bras and so on. Underwear is often seen as alluring or erotic, particularly women's lingerie.

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