Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Team Anime Wiki Project is Completed!

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Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Hagure Yusha no Estetica) is a summer 2012 anime series, and I started working on its wiki project with Daniel and Sonata back in July of 2012. On September 29, 2012, we completed all of the episode summaries and added all of minor characters except for Michael who is a mysterious silhouette in the final episode. I can't really add him since we don't have a profile image.

For those who are new to the series:

The story revolves around Akatsuki Ousaka who is interdimensional traveler. After he saved Princess Listy from the Demon King and returns to his world, he brings a naked, voluptuous, pinked-haired girl named Myuu with him. Due to the request of the fallen demon king, Akatsuki promises to take care of his daughter Myuu. After getting home, Akatsuki and Myuu find themselves enrolled in Babel Academy where children (who survived their interdimensional tasks) are being assimilated into their society. They are taught to hone their skills for the benefit of society.


Wiki EditorsRoles
Daniel Newton
Daniel Newton
Daniel Newton is my old partner who I worked on many projects such as Fairy Tail and Campione! He is the image guru and a lover of video games and anime.

Daniel worked on adding navigator boxes and formatting episode pages. He is an expert on codes, and he makes the anime series page look awesome.
Check the character tables he added.
Sonata is my new teammate who loves comic books, anime, and college football. In addition to Hagure Yusha, he worked on some of the new summer anime series with this year.

He worked on adding powers to the characters, making profile images for them, and promoting the discussions. Please see Hagure Yusha no Estetica discussion thread.

Episode Work

All synopsis are from Funimation. I was in charge in of the episodes.

The next steps are working on the character pages, but I have to put it off due to other wiki projects. I'm more of a episode specialist.

Ep. 1: New Game Plus

Having vanquished the Demon Lord Garius, Akatsuki Ousawa bids farewell to the world of Alazyard and returns to his home world. His epic adventure has actually only just begun, though...
Ep. 2: Bonds of Holy Water

Akatsuki and Miu attend their first day of school at BABEL. While Miu tries to fit in with her new environment, Akatsuki manages to get on everyone's bad side.
Ep. 3: To Become An Adult

Because of Akatsuki's antics, the student council has threatened to send Kuzuha back to elementary school unless she spies on him. Meanwhile, Onizuka hatches a plan to get back at Akatsuki.
Ep. 4: The Hero's Back

Akatsuki uses his newfound sword to battle the powered-up Cockatrice. Meanwhile, Miu starts to come to terms with her father's death and powerful COCOON members hold a secret meeting.
Ep. 5: Just a Short Repose

Miu visits a shopping mall for the very first time to buy some new underwear. But hijinks ensue when Akatsuki gets a little more involved than he should...
Ep. 6: Supersonic Slepnir!

Akatsuki attempts to ride the fabled Sleipnir motorcycle. Meanwhile, terrorists strike in the heart of the city, and it's up to the student council to stop them.
Ep. 7: A Crude Panic on the Beach!

While Akatsuki and friends participate in a game of Beach Swimsuit Tag, powerful figures in Alayzard hatch a plan to find and retrieve Miu.
Ep. 8: Babel's Ranking Matches Begin

As the school-wide franking battles begin, all eyes are focused on Akatsuki and Miu. Even Kyoya and the student council are eager to show Akatsuki who's boss!
Ep. 9: On a such a Beautiful Moonlit Night

After the BABEL ranking matches are suddenly thrown into chaos, Phil Burnett arrives from Alayzard to retrieve Miu.
Ep. 10: Where I Belong

The epic battle between Akatsuki and Phil Burnett continues. Meanwhile, Miu struggles with the notion that she's the cause of all the trouble in both worlds.
Ep. 11: Before Daybreak

Having been outclassed by Akatsuki, Phil uses his trump card and transforms into a giant dragon! Akatsuki's friends and the student council members struggle to buy time until Akatsuki can fully recover from Phil's poison.
Ep. 12: The World is Watching You

Akatsuki and Miu face off with Zahhak in a final battle. Meanwhile, the truth behind Phil is revealed in Alayzard and COCOON takes further notice of Akatsuki.

Unique Wiki Pages

I thank my teammates and everyone for their supports. It has been a blast working on this wiki project with the finest wiki editors here in Anime Vice.

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There's an OVA for this series.

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The funny thing is that I work on the OVA tables for my teammates, and I remember posting the Hagure Yusha image in that table. Stress is just making me forgetful. I have been watching these series on Funimation, and I remember that I need to add censorship concept due to the nudity scenes in this show.

I'll see if my crew or I have time to finish it. Thanks for the reminder.

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Online Now
@takashichea: Nice work, I never did finished this series up because of the overwhelming fan-service.
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If I wasn't committed to its wiki page, I would have dropped once I seen episode 2.

I always love the way you format the character section for the anime series. I have to fill in the characters before spotlighting it.

Oh, Daniel and Sonata, I could not find the OVA or any info on it. Do you think it's part of the anime series or it's separate? I found the Blu-Ray and learned that the OVA is a bonus part of that package which has uncensored content. Yeah... I feel bad for Miu and the rest of the girls.


I'm not 100% sure if the OVA is part of the DVD. I went to some anime forums, so my intel is not trustworthy enough.

No, it was teamwork.

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@takashichea said:

I always love the way you format the character section for the anime series. I have to fill in the characters before spotlighting it.

Thanks, actually I was just tweaking it. With the improved format the page can scale to any size and the icons stay in the right place, I've been trying to get it just right for a while.

I've used the tweaked format here, here and here. I'll apply it to the other anime pages I'm working on soon.

Oh, Daniel and Sonata, I could not find the OVA or any info on it. Do you think it's part of the anime series or it's separate?

I haven't heard about an OVA yet. If there is one it will show up on sites like MyAnimeList soon enough.

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