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Adventures of Tongpoo is an manga series in the Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater franchise
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Capsule House

A portable house that spawns from a Hoi Poi Capsule and can be moved. Many houses in the Dragon Ball universe are one of these.

Hoi-Poi Capsules

Hoi-Poi Capsules are the premiere invention of the Capsule Corporation. They can shrink down and contain large inanimate objects.


Panties are the lower-undergarment of choice for most women, usually worn with a bra.

Planet #12

Planet #12 is a spaceship sent to investigate Alien planets. Tongpoo is the only member of its crew.

Planet #8

A spaceship sent to investigate alien planets. This ship was destroyed by an evil alien and Plamo was the only survivor of the crew.


A small scouting spaceship docked aboard the Planet #12. When Planet #12 self-destructs, this is the ship Tongpoo takes to escape.

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