One Piece #48 - Adventures of Oars

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 12/04/2007

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 48

Adventures of Oars - オーズの冒険 (Ōzu no Bōken)

The Straw Hats rush back into Thriller Bark in an all out battle with Gecko Moria's zombie generals. But Gecko Moria has a secret weapon: Oars, a massive zombie warrior who's got all of Luffy's fighting skills! Have the Straw Hats finally met an opponent too powerful to beat?


Chapter 460. Get Back Before Dawn!!.....Pg.

夜明け前に取り返せ!! (Yoake Mae ni Torikaese!!)

Chapter 461. Ghost Buster.....Pg.

ゴーストバスター (Gōsuto Basutā)

Chapter 462. Oars' Adventure.....Pg.

オーズの冒険 (Ōzu no Bōken)

Chapter 463. Pirate Sanji VS Mysterious Absalom.....Pg.

海賊サンジvs怪人アブサロム (Kaizoku Sanji vs Kaijin Abusaromu)

Chapter 464. Sanji's Dream.....Pg.

サンジの夢 (Sanji no Yume)

Chapter 465. Pirate Usopp VS Princess Perona.....Pg.

海賊ウソップvs怪人ペローナ (Kaizoku Usoppu vs Purinsesu Perōna)

Chapter 466. Conclusion.....Pg.

決着 (Kecchaku)

Chapter 467. Pirate Zoro VS Samurai Ryuma.....Pg.

海賊ゾロvs侍リューマ (Kaizoku Zoro vs Samurai Ryūma)

Chapter 468. Pirate Chopper VS Mysterious Hogback.....Pg.

海賊チョッパーvs怪人ホグバック (Kaizoku Choppā vs Kaijin Hogubakku)

Chapter 469. Show Yourselves, Straw Hat Crew!!!.....Pg.

出て来い麦わらの一味!!! (Dete Koi Mugiwara no Ichimi!!!)

Chapter 470. Oars VS the Straw Hat Crew.....Pg.

オーズvs麦わらの一味 (Ōzu vs Mugiwara no Ichimi)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
Tony-Tony ChopperWalking Point
Strong Point
Heavy Gong
FrankyWeapons Left
PeronaNegative Hollow
Astral Projection
Mini Hollow - Ghost Lap
Special Hollow - Kamikaze Lap
UsoppSpecial Attack - Lead Star
Random Shot - Salt Star
Special Attack - Fire Star
Special Attack - Meteor Star
Special Attack - Six Chamber Pit-Viper Star
Special Attack - Firebird Star
Special Attack - Atlas Comic
Special Attack - Sticky Star
Special Attack Cockroach Star
Usopp Hammer Pound
Special Attack - Phoenix Star
Nico RobinDeux Fleur
Pierna Fleur
Cien Fleur - Spider Net
BrookFlower Song - three Peta Arrow Notch Slash
RyuumaFlower Song Three Petals - Arrow Notch Slash
Aubade Coup Droit
Gavotte Bond Avant
Polka Remise
Hanauta Sanchou
OarsGum-Gum Gatling
Gum-Gum Bell
Gum-Gum Scythe
Gum-Gum Volcano
Monkey D. LuffyGum-Gum Pistol
Gum-Gum Gatling
Gum-Gum Stamp
Gecko MoriaDoppleman
Brick Bat
AbsalomHands of the Dead
Enigma Hands
Enigma Feet
SanjiBas Cotes
Longe Tendron
Quasi Queue Cuisseau
Veau Shot
Extra Hache
Collier Fri
Roronoa ZoroNigiri
Nitoryu Iai - Rashoumon
72 Pound Phoenix
Itoryu - Hiryuu Yahazug Kaeni
One Gorilla / Two Gorilla
Santoryu - Nigorizake
JigoroSantoryu - 108 Pound Phoenix


Points of Interest

  • God Eneru's side story is continued in the splash pages of this volume.
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