Adventures of Korobokkle

Adventures of Korobokkle is an anime series
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Sword-wielding hero Bokkle, flute-playing mystic Cous-Cous, and brave female Love-Love are very small gods who live under the butterbur leaves in the countryside. Becoming increasingly annoyed that humans no longer pay them any respect, they decide to head closer to human habitation in search of worshippers. Mild-mannered country boy Seitaka is the only person able to see the spirits, who teach him how to stand up for himself against local bullies. His gentle woodland friends, however, are unafraid of fighting with vicious little knives when they are in trouble.

AoK was sponsored, like Piggyback Ghost before it, by Sumitomo Life Insurance as part of the company's "classic" series-an attempt to associate a company with a successful anime series that paid off much better for the Calpis drinks company with World Masterpiece Theater. The original children's book Stories of Korobokkle, itself based on folktales from northern Japan's indigenous Ainu race, was initially adapted with character designs by its author Satoru Sato, but these were replaced with designs by Masatoshi Kobayashi after they tested poorly with young focus groups. That, at least, is what was claimed in Japanese sources, but it seems outlandishly odd to buy the rights to a book if one is only going to throw away its creator's input! The problem was probably connected with creating character designs that could be more easily replicated by a group of animators. In an additional attempt to appeal to a young audience, the leading role was taken by Satoshi Hasegawa, who had previously appeared in NHK's child-centered Grave of the Wild Chrysanthemums (*DE). With its disappearing spirits, Korobokkle could be said to be a foreshadowing of later Studio Ghibli efforts like Pompoko and My Neighbor Totoro.

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General Information Edit
Name Adventures of Korobokkle
Romaji: Boken Korobokkle
Publisher ?
Start Year 1973
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Aliases The Mountain Gnomes
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