Adventure Kid

Adventure Kid is an anime movie in the Adventure Kid Franchise
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When 19-year-old game-whiz Norikazu finds a strange computer in his backyard, he can't resist tinkering, with disastrous results! He and his lover get sucked inside a nightmarish computer generated world where they are attacked and by demons and lecherous zombies. Who says that love can conquer all?

Wartime Japanese scientist Professor Masago devotes himself to his research, ignoring his beautiful wife, Michiyo. In 1945, he is murdered by the dastardly Captain Matsubara's soldiers, after first being forced to watch them rape her. Fifty years later, the husband and wife are reincarnated as students Norikazu and Midori. Norikazu unearths Masago's prototype dimension-hopping device, and it propels them into a parallel universe where Masago's bitter psyche has created a world of marauding zombie soldiers. Eventually Norikazu (good side) defeats Masago (bad side) by dropping him into the Hiroshima bomb blast. The couple then find themselves in Hell Zone, where lusty elf-girl Eganko latches onto Norikazu and accompanies him back to Earth. Back at Norikazu's school, the reincarnation of Captain Matsubara, college-boy Yukimoto, wants Midori for himself and schemes with Eganko's mother, Queen Dakiniten, to make Norikazu fall in love with Eganko. The plan goes awry when love potions are mixed up and given to the wrong victims.

A pornographic tale of rape and domination that suddenly turns into a farce, Adventure Kid contains erotic musings on the alien girlfriend-squatter setup of Urusei Yatsura, a clumsy attempt to integrate computers into horror (also seen in Digital Devil Story), and a final episode that pokes merciless fun at the excesses of both itself and creator Toshio Maeda's earlier Urotsukidoji. In an attempt to draw in new crowds, the producers hired live-action erotic "actresses" to provide some of the voice roles, a move which backfired spectacularly when they couldn't actually act. In the U.K., the series was heavily cut and renamed Adventure Duo. LNV

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Name: Adventure Kid
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1992
Romaji: Yoju Sensen Adventure Kid
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 40 (mins)
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Aliases Demon-Beast Battle Line Adventure Kid
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