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Three thousand years after pollution renders Earth uninhabitable, the human race is a space-faring people in search of new planets to settle. Elite super-scouts called Advancers blaze trails for the rest, but Omega 13 is one world proving difficult to conquer. Nine teams have failed to return, prompting high-ranking executive Mugal to make convict Tina Owen an offer she can't refuse. If she can solve the mystery of Omega 13, he'll knock a whole millennium off her 2,000-year sentence for an undisclosed crime.

Tina only spends five tedious minutes on Omega 13; the rest of the story involves the pointless hunt for a crew (telepath/alien/comic relief Frill and Japanese love interest/sidekick Akira), and the rescue of fellow Advancer Garuda from a beleaguered ship. The alien menace turns out to be a multi-tentacled creature with acid saliva that burns through bulkheads and clothes but not through girls' skin. The alien murders all the disposable members of the cast (three concubines whose sole role is to be sexually assaulted in different locations) before being summarily executed as it tries to rape Tina. This, apparently, makes the planet safe and avenges Akira's dead parents all in one shot, allowing Tina to fly off to her next mission, though a sequel was never made.

Despite promising beginnings that unite the last-chance mission of The Dirty Dozen with the interstellar trouble-shooting of Dirty Pair, Advancer Tina soon collapses into a tacky exploitation movie. With an icthyphallic menace that gestates in human stomach cavities and a predictable, false ending, its debt to the Alien series is obvious, but the film is shoddily assembled from start to finish. Fukumoto, Saito, and Teraoka, the real-world perpetrators of this anime crime, are still at large and can be found elsewhere in this book in the entries for Venus Five, Sexorcist, and Gigolo. LNV

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Kan Fukumoto Director

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General Information Edit
Name: Advancer Tina
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1996
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 45 (mins)
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