Acacia is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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The legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia, the man who ended the great Gourmet War and the only man to discover the mystical ingredient GOD.


Acacia was born sometime well over 600 years before the main story-line and lived to be over 600 years old. At some unknown point, Acacia discovered the Gourmet Cells, the basis for the superhuman powers of the Bishokuya, Chefs and Saiseiya, as well as the source of power for the powerful beasts of the world. According to Coco, it is due to Gourmet Cells that the planet itself became so gigantic.

Acacia the 1st Bishoya
Acacia the 1st Bishoya

After founding the Gourmet Age, the world eventually fell into chaos and fought over ingredients. It was Acacia along with his partner Frozhe that single-handedly put an end to the war by finding, preparing and distributing the legendary ingredient GOD. It's effect was so powerful that all the leaders of the world immediately put an end to their conquests.

Since that time, many Bishokuya strived to find Acacia's Full course and in the future, Acacia's course ingredients are the main aspirations of the current main characters of the series, Toriko and the Heavenly Kings.

At some point, Acacia presumably died, but whether he died or simply withdrew himself from the world in currently unknown.


Acacia is a protagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko


Acacia's evolution is largely unknown. He adhered to completing his Full course and managed to do so and he brought an end to the world war. He is hailed as a hero and the God of Gourmet Hunters. However, Ichiryuu heavily indicated that Acacia had another motive for his actions. He was secretly in collusion with the Blue Nitro all along. But whether it was for a good or evil purpose was not revealed.


Acacia is a tall man with light skin and a muscular physique. He has dark brown hair and a prominent scar on his forehead. In his later years, Acacia had a full beard. He is usually seen wearing a turban-like head garment and occasionally a long flowing white cape.


Acacia has a calm demeanor and even the wild Midora who had barely interacted with other people recognized this immediately upon meeting Acacia for the first time.


Frohze - Acacia's chef partner. She was akin to a wife to him as they lived together and they adopted Ichiryuu, Jirou and Midora together. Together they acquired and prepared God and brought an end to the world war.

Ichiryuu - Acacia's eldest son. Acacia seemed to trust Ichiryuu the most, perhaps because he was the most mature. Acacia disclosed unknown details about his mission that presumably were not shared with Jirou or Midora.

Jirou - Despite treating him as a proper son, Acacia actually feared Jirou's potential for power and sealed some of Jirou's power and implanted technique instead. Jirou still became recognized as one of the 3 strongest men in the world in the future, but had this not been done, Jirou may very well have become the unchallenged strongest man in the world.

Midora - It was said that Acacia and Frohze favored Midora the most out of their sons. Acacia was quick to adopt Midora into the family, however it is hinted that Acacia deliberately led Midora on a reckless path.

Setsuno - Not much interaction is shown between Acacia and Setsuno, but she was known to have a relationship with his partner Frohze. He tried to comfort Setsuno along with his sons upon Frohze's sudden death.

Story Arcs

Midora's Flashback

During the Cooking Festival Arc, Acacia appears in a flashback focused predominantly on Midora. He meets a young Midora for the first time when he arrived back home with his adopted sons Ichiryuu and Jirou. Frohze had taken in the starving Midora while the three of them had been away hunting for ingredients. Midora who was wild and rarely interacted with other humans immediately attacked, although Jirou apprehended him easily. Acacia introduced himself to Midora, and the latter could tell right away that Acacia was benevolent like Frohze. After settling down, the group of 5 sit down to a meal. It was then that Acacia gave Midora his name and adopted him as his third son.

Some time late, Acacia takes his sons on another expedition to hunt ingredients. During this hunt, Midora was injured. Acacia healed Midora with some cure water that he had with him. This was later revealed to have been a deliberate measure taken by Acacia so that in the event of Frohze becoming injured when he wasn't around, Midora would remember the cure water and go after it.

Acacia returns with a weak Froese
Acacia returns with a weak Froese

Years later, all 3 of his sons being young adults now, Acacia and Frohze depart along with the mysterious Blue Nitro. They return shortly, but Frohze was in a weakened state. She claimed that she had merely expended too much energy in preparing "a certain ingredient" and just needed to rest. Midora however was not convinced and while Acacia and his brothers were absent, he left to go find Cure water, despite the fact that it was guarded by one of the 8 Gourmet World Kings, the Derous Dragon. He managed to return with a small amount of cure water, but he was injured to the point that his wounds were critical and he collapsed. Frohze, fearing for her son's life, rose out of bed and in her weakened state, used the technique God Cooking to save Midora. She was successful but the cost was her life. Shortly after, Frohze is buried and Acacia attempts to comfort his sons and Setsuno who was also present. After that, Acacia departed and presumably was not seen again.

Powers & Abilities

Nothing is currently known about Acacia's power scheme or Hunting Method. However as he was the founder of the Gourmet Age, trained the 3 strongest men of the current age and successfully found and ate GOD, it is quite likely that Acacia was the strongest Bishokuya in history. According to Dark Chef Joa, his own Gourmet Cells became fully awakened after eating Acacia's full course, something even Acacia's 3 disciples have thus far failed to achieve. It can be assumed that Acacia not only awakened all of his Gourmet Cells, but was the first and one of only 3 known humans to do so.

Acacia's House

Acacia's Home
Acacia's Home

Acacia owned a small cottage-like house in a remote, mountainous area. He lived there with Froese, Ichiryuu, Jirou and Midora.

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Name: Acacia
Name: アカシア
Romanji: Akashia
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #14
1st anime movie:
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