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A superhuman ability or skill used by most of the characters in Medaka Box.

These are abilities that those with an Abnormal Mentality possess. These abilities are often manifested internally. Some exception to this is Oujo’s Weighted Words and Jakago’s Aero Biker. These abilities do not often appear at birth and often takes a few years to notice them. After an unknown amount of years, skills cease to work for their human owners. Why that happens is unknown.

List of Abnormalities

Aki JakagoAero BikerGrants the user the ability to manipulate the oxygen concentration of people and objects.
Fude EzumachiColor Of BeautyGrants the user the ability to manipulate colors and manipulates emotions of the targets depending on the color used on them.
Hanten ShiranuiUnknownGrants the user the ability to create skills.
Hitomi HitoyoshiMother's Task*Exact details are unknown. It is hinted to be related to performing motherly tasks or techniques related to that.
Itami KogaUnknownGives the user the desire to be abnormal.
Iya RenpaiZapping StudyGrants the user the ability to manipulate knowledge. Can lower the targets intelligence.
Kae SakanoueGamble DogGrants the user the ability to manipulate miracles. The exact extent is unknown.
Kanome TsurubamiSpinning AnglerGrants the user the ability to manipulate the Earth's rotation and revolution.
Kei MunakataKilling ImpulseGrants the desire and the knowledge of how to kill.
Kuudou HinokageUnknown Hero*Grants immense strength that causes others to subconsciously block the user from their senses and memory.
Kuudou HinokageTheme SongGrants the user immense speed and the strength of Unknown Hero.
Maguro KurokamiAnalysisGrants the ability to analyze things such as physical conditions and abnormalities usually by touching or seeing. Cannot analyze Minuses.
Medaka KurokamiThe EndGrants the ability to learn and master any skill at one hundred twenty percent.
Mizou YukuhashiReading Minds*Grants the ability to receive electrical signals from humans and machines. The user can also feel another person's pains.
Otome YunomaeUnknownAllows objects to go through the user without harming them. To what extent is unknown.
Oudo MiyakonojouWeighted Words*Grants the ability to manipulate the electrical impulses inside of a person and interfere or control their motor skills. This ability also affects machines.
Oudo MiyakonojouUnreasonable TaxationGrants the user the ability to steal a targets abnormality by sending electrical impulses into their heart. The abnormality cannot be used at one hundred percent proficiency.
Saki SukinaskiError Message PlateGrants the ability to control others by attaching cards to their body. However, the targets can only do exactly as the user likes.
Shigusa TakachihoAuto-Pilot*Grants the user automatic reflexes to the point where no brain control is necessary. These reflexes can be used for offense instead of defense.
Tokemichi ChoujabaruFairnessMakes the user completely impartial to the point of being unable to make biased decisions.
Tou KejukuriQuarter HazardGrants the user the ability to manipulate water volume. The exact extent is unknown.
Usa HannyajiErotic PierrotGrants the user the ability to manipulate lust. The exact extent is unknown.
Yamami TsurumisakiUnknownThe ability seems to be related to temperature. The user can melt objects within their hands. To what extent is unknown.
Youka Naze (Kujira Kurokami)RemodelingAllows the user to remodel people and objects to make them more efficient.
Yutori ChikuzenUnknownAllows the user to freely manipulate their hair.
Zenkichi HitoyoshiModel ZenkichiAllows the user to perceive their own limits to bring out more power.
Zenkichi HitoyoshiDevil StyleNullifies coincidence and prevents the whims of fate(luck) from interfering in battle.
Zenkichi HitoyoshiParasite SeeingGrants the user the ability to see the world through another person's eyes.


These abilities are Abnormalities have become warped due to mental hardships or trauma on the user. These abilities can manifest outside of the body due to being born from the user's environment. These abilities cannot be analyzed because they often defy logic and physics.

List of Minuses

Aoki AkaFive Forks*Grants the user the ability to implant or cure aliments by scratching with their nails. Aliments can range from fevers to cancer.
Gagamaru ChougasakiEncounter*The user of this Minus takes no damage from any form of attack (mental, physical etc) inflicted on them and can push the damage to a specific location or person.
Hansode ShiranuiReal EaterThe user can eat and alter other skills by changing its properties or adding rules to it.
Kanome TsurubamiOctopusA gravitation skill that allows the user to obstruct others and literally pull their legs down.
Misogi KumagawaAll Fiction*Allows the user to deny aspects of reality or make anything nothing. Later in the series, the skill allows the user to return things that the user has undone(Non Fiction)
Misogi KumagawaBookmaker*Allows the user to turn the target into a Minus of their level in mind, body, spirit and talent by piercing the with a the large slotted screw. The target's hair turns white as a side effect.
Mukae EmukaeRaff-RafflesiaAllows the user to rot or corrode anything they touch with their hands.
Shibuki ShibushiScar Dead*Gives the user the ability to reopen any physical or mental wounds of a person or structure.
Shikiri ShibushiSly WingUnknown.
Youka Naze (Kujira Kurokami)Ice Fire*Allows the user to manipulate their body temperature to create both ice and fire.

Abnormalities and Minuses copied by The End-*

General Information Edit
Concept Name Abnormality
Japanese Name: 異常性
Romaji Name: Abunōmaru
Aliases Skill
1st manga book: Medaka Box #3
1st anime episode: Medaka Box Abnormal #2
1st anime movie:
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