Watch & Learn: ABENOBASHI #12 + 13

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  And she looks like she's having so much fun in this promo image.
 And she looks like she's having so much fun in this promo image.

And so another series is completed (and in record time!)

Zaldar warned me about the ending and I do see why, now. Seems like they were building it up for some dramatic moment where Sasshi learns to face reality and then it just… ends. I’m a little confused as to what happened, actually. Was the kid’s wish granted by the magic so nothing ever actually happened? No Arumi moving away? No dead Grandpa? Maybe this continues another Gainax tradition of nebulous, metafictional endings that need to be watchd five or six times to be adequately understood. 

Honestly, I bristle at the apparent message that this has all been about the kids needing to turn their backs on these fantasy land adventures in the name of “growing up.”  Considering that these toons are made by children at heart (hopefully,) it seems like an awfully hypocritical "lesson." I can jive with Sasshi having to accept his grandpa’s death and Arumi’s departure, but that was all muddled in a lot of talk about he needs to puts his juvenile "hobbies" aside.   There's some delineation between that and Arumi’s ambitions to see the world, but I don’t buy it.

  They should've got into that circle every weekend.
 They should've got into that circle every weekend.

I see this and I'm reminded me of that old observation about how every kid loves to draw in first grade. Only half of them then love to draw in second grade, and the numbers dwindle and dwindle over each grade as society effectively beats creativity out of them in the name of “growing up.” I did enjoy the series (especially the Hollywood one since I could catch all the references) even though I’m having a negative reaction to the ending.  

Perhaps that’s a sign of this being a more challenging, maybe even literary, piece of work?

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actually,even after 6 watch throughs,Abenobashi STILL makes no I may make a suggestion for another watch and learn,I suggest Pani Poni Dash.Its a very funny series and it has a very good english dub as well.
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I've pretty much been drawing since I could hold a pencil and kept doing it.
Is it society that beats creativity out of people, or is it the internal critic we all have and lack of patience? A lot of people I knew stopped drawing because they felt they weren't good at it. No one starts off drawing perfectly, and a lot of people don't have the attention span to practice. Even I had to work for years to get things to look right. Still, I find things to criticize in my work. That's because I know where all the mistakes are.



" f I may make a suggestion for another watch and learn,I suggest Pani Poni Dash.Its a very funny series and it has a very good english dub as well. "

While I agree that Pani Poni Dash is a funny series. I just beg to differ on the quality of the dub. It's not that the cast is bad, per say. It's the delivery of the jokes that fall flat. Comedy is very much dependant on timing and delivery. As the saying goes, "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.".
Since Pani Poni Dash parodies just so many animes. I think you need to have quite a few animes under your belt if you are going to enjoy many of the little jokes scattered throughout.
I'll just be more interested to see if he starts up a series I can follow more closely. I know Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a pretty recent series. I just lack the interest to start watching it after watching the first series, and I don't want to follow articles of series I don't have much interst in. The others have just been older series I've watched to death. Proving that you can have too much of a good thing.
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The thing with the end was it seemed like Abenobashi was trying to create a coming of age lesson for Sasshi over using his otaku interests to escape from reality (dealing with Arumi moving and Grandpa's death) yet as you covered, the ending cops things out and has Sasshi doing things his way after all. Well on my end at least, I found it to be a big cop out and a cheap excuse to create a happy ending. Not to mention the series wasn't consistent with offering up its drama genre. Following the first episode with its serious moments, you get the rest of the show's first half devoted to Sasshi and Arumi's antics as they traverse the different Abenobashis. I like the show for its comedy yet they screwed up at points with the drama.
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Chris bevridge usually says these things better than I do so I'll just quote from his review of this series:  
Unfortunately, instead of having things move forward like it should, the story cops out in the end. We get a bit of foolery with Eutus after Sasshi makes an impassioned summoning for him where Eutus realizes just who Sasshi really is when he ages him into an adult and lets him use the full extent of his powers. Sasshi's problems prior to this was that nobody took him seriously since he was a kid, and that was because he IS a kid who has unrealistic expectations of the world. Through Eutus' involvement, he lets him age briefly into an adult with his full powers but with the desires of his younger self. So that means no dead Masa, no Hokkaido and a revitalization project for the Arcade instead.

I like anime because usually they don't take the convenient or fairy tale endings. Abenobashi was on the track to a fairly good ending in that you expected to have Sasshi realize just how things really do work in the world. When we got his adult form, I expected him to realize that using his powers to change the world would be wrong and that things would then go forward properly, with his younger self now the wiser to the ways of things. Instead, the childish desires win out and he gets to keep everything around him. Does Arumi become deprived of her dreams to travel abroad as well? Quite possibly, but it's not actively said. But if Sasshi is letting his desires get the best of him this much, then I can easily guess the rest."
 This was exactly my problem with the end hear.  Yes I still use some childish things I do watch anime but adult life is about finding something worth doing as a career and doing it well and not about playing and that is what this series fails to realize.  The philosophy they were going for is not one I agree with and this really ruined the show for me.
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I watched this series in its entirety and I can barely remember anything significant about it (especially since it didn't end well). If it weren't for the weird giant enemies I probly wouldn't remember much from FLCL either. I think I am of the minority where Gurren Lagann is the only Gainax series that I really like.
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