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Aachi & Ssipak is a 2006 animated South Korean film.


In the future, human excreetment becomes the main source of fuel. The government supplies addictive juicy bars in return for feces, which make the consummer constipated. Special rings are put in everyones anus to see when they poo and to reward them with a juicy bar. A gang of deformed mutants known as the Diapers have become so deformed that they cannot reproduce or defecate, need juicy bars to survive, so they constantly raid government patrols. These are mostly unsuccessful, due to the cyborg Geko.

Aachi and Ssipak are drug dealers trying to make a living of the black market by supplying juicy bars. After being beaten by a rival-gang, they drug their accaintance Jimmy the Freak into taking revenge on the gang at the local prison, the same night the Diaper gang choose to attack. Jimmy the Freak convinces the Diaper King not to kill him, and instead to take all the anus rings out of the Diapers and put them into one person.

Aachi and Ssipuk meet porn-star Beautiful who Ssipak becomes infatuated with. At an audition for a porn movie to be directed by Jimmy the Freak, she is knocked unconsious and the Diaper King puts the rings up her anus, and soon after is rescued by Ssipuk & Aachi. Back at their place, it's discovered that instead of one juicy bar, she gets hundreds. Aachi and Ssipuk take advantage of this to get rich quickly. However the government has caught track of them, and the Diaper gang and rival street gangs are on their trail.

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Name: Aachi & Ssipak
Release Date:
Release Date: June 28, 2006
Rating: unrated
Runtime: 90 (mins)
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