A World of Changing Colors

A World of Changing Colors is an anime episode of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou that was released on 10/30/2012
Big changes are happening at the Hall when Sorata finally makes his decision. Will the other residents admit their true feelings, too?
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Plot Summary

Sorata informs Shiina that he will be leaving Sakura Hall, and he has seen Shiina working hard on her manuscript. Lately, he and Nanami find some folks who will adopt the cats. Then, Misaki arrives and reveals Shiina is a beautiful kimono. When Sorata does not say anything, Misaki storms off all sad and Shiina calls him an idiot. Jin shows up and informs him that they are celebrating Tanabata. Later that night, Jin sees Misaki playing with the children, and he reads Misaki's paper that is hanging from the tree. Jin reads that Misaki wishes that Jin would notice her. Then, it rains. While Shiina answers a call, Misaki points out that Shiina has not wore her necklance. Shiina tells everyone that she was not accepted for the New Artist for the Manga award. After Shiina runs off, Sorata runs out, and Jin finds him sitting out in the rain by himself. Jin informs Sorata that Misaki has some success and that he wanted Misaki to fail. Sorata confesses that he didn't want Shiina to be accepted. Sorata learns that Jin does not feel that he is on par with Misaki's abilities, and he asks Jin if he likes Misaki.

In Sorata's room, he chats with Akasaka who gives him some books, and when Sorata asks him some questions, Akasaka scares him a bit to cheer him up. Next day, Sorata sees Shiina's wish and realizes that Shiina wants his wishes to come true. On the streets, Aoyama spots Sorata and takes him from Nanami who got interrupted. At a cafe, Aoyama reveals Shiina's work to Sorata and remarks that Shiinai's story is weak. Sorata learns that Shiina based her manga on their real life and switch his roles with hers. Aoyama points out that Shiina lost the award for making an abrupt, sad ending. Sorata rushes to turn his career plan to Chihiro, and he runs towards Sakura Hall. He tells Shiina about his career plan, and while Jin tells Misaki to be quiet, Sorata finds Shiina sleeping after being exhausted. He sees a scene where the girl wants to stay at Nanohana Hall. Later that night, Sorata informs Shiina that she going to make her debut. He sees her crying while having no emotions. Shiina asks Sorata to call her by her first name, Mashiro. Then, Jin and Misaki makes fun of Sorata. Sorata asks them to let him stay at Sakura Hall.


  • Japanese Name: "Iro o Kaeru Sekai" (色を変える世界)
  • Opening Theme: "Kimi ga Yume o Tsuretekita" (君が夢を連れてきた) by Ai Kayano, Mariko Nakatsu, Natsumi Takamori
  • Ending Theme: "Days of Dash" by Konomi Suzuki

Characters & Voice Actors

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Rintaro Storyboard
Ai Kayano OP Theme Song: "Kimi ga Yume o Tsuretekita" (君が夢を連れてきた)
Mariko Nakatsu OP Theme Song: "Kimi ga Yume o Tsuretekita" (君が夢を連れてきた)
Natsumi Takamori OP Theme Song: "Kimi ga Yume o Tsuretekita" (君が夢を連れてきた)


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