Gintama #15 - A Woman's Best Makeup Is Her Smile

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 09/04/2006

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: Onna no ichiban no keshō wa egao (女の一番の化粧は笑顔)

American Release Date: September 1, 2009

Otae's List of Burning Questions to Ask Gin

1. If Kondo marries a gorilla, does that mean his kids will be chimpanzees?

2. Which is better to use as body armor, shojo or shonen manga?

3. How do you get a horny robot dog off your leg?

4. If I become shogun and order you to kill yourself, will you do it?

5. How much hot pepper do you have to eat to make your hair get frizzy?

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 122: Everyone Cares About Somebody (誰もが誰かを思ってる "Dare mo ga dare ka o omotteru")
  • Lesson 123: The Best Makeup for Women Is Their Smiles (女の一番の化粧は笑顔 "Onna no ichiban no keshō wa egao")
  • Lesson 124: You Can't Trust the Previews for Jump's Next Volume (ジャンプの次号予告は当てにならない "Janpu no jigō yokoku wa ate ni naranai")
  • Lesson 125: Always Practice "What If" Driving (かもしれない運転で行け "Kamoshirenai unten de ike")
  • Lesson 126: Dog's Paws Smell Crispy like Popcorn (犬の肉球はこうばしい匂いがする "Inu no nikukyū wa kōbashii nioi ga suru")
  • Lesson 127: If You Sleep with the Air Conditioner On, You'll Catch a Cold (クーラーはタイマーで切れるようにしてから寝ないと風邪ひくよ "Kūrā wa taimā de kireru yō ni shite kara nenai to kazehiku yo")
  • Lesson 128: Social Status Has Nothing to Do with Being Lucky (運に身分は関係ない "Un ni mibun wa kankeinai")
  • Lesson 129: When You're Too Absorbed in Counting Sheep, You End Up Not Sleeping Well (羊数えるの自体に夢中になったりして結局 眠れないことも多い "Hitsuji kazoeru no jitai ni muchū ni nattari shite kekkyoku nemurenai koto mo ooi")
  • Lesson 130: If You Eat Too Much Spicy Food, You Will Get Hemorrhoids (辛いもんばっか食べてっと痔になるぞ "Karai monbakka tabetetto ji ni naru zo")


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