A Whiff of Fresh Breeze

A Whiff of Fresh Breeze is an anime episode of Shangri La that was released on 04/05/2009

The story starts in a women's detention center, where Prisoner 1107, known as Kuniko Hojo, is about to be released. The other inmates in the cell block cheer her on as she leaves. Kuniko is picked up by a pair of trannies named Momoko and Miko, and a bearded man named Takehiko. Momoko gives Kuniko a small object that turns out to be a collapsible boomerang. She then uses the boomerang to rip off a piece of the "Atlas Flag" in the prison as payback before leaving to the city of Duomo, which appears to have suffered under the effects of global warming.

Kuniko immediately jumps out of the boat before the others and runs into a library. She scarfs down some food while the librarian scolds her for not listening. The librarian goes on to say that, despite the fact that forests were consumed to make the paper for the books, they contain information "you can't find on the internet." However, Kuniko jumps out a nearby window while the librarian continues talking.

As Kuniko runs elsewhere in the town, a street vendor offers her a free corn on the cob. He mentions to a curious bystander that Kuniko is the granddaughter of Nagiko, and possibly soon to lead the anti-governmental organization "Metal-age."

Meanwhile, in a dark tower somewhere, Lady Ryoko hears about Kuniko's release while she kicks an underling in the face for accidentally scratching her. Ryoko refers to Kuni as the "Sun" and asks for any progress on the "Moon."

In another place called Atlas, a man and a woman are driving along a highway together. The man tries to assure his passenger that nothing bad will happen, until a large force appears at the opposite end of the road and unveils a high-caliber anti-vehicle rifle, which they then fire at the approaching vehicle, blowing it up. An official looking woman named Sayoko apologizes to "Mikuni-sama," a small girl wearing a kimono with different-colored eyes.

Sayoko's men pulls the passengers from the vehicle and notices they are "Atlas Rank BC". She claims to promote them to "Rank AG" as Mikuni feigns curiousity about the unconscious (dead?) passengers. Sayoko tells her men to hurry up "before the eclipse ends."

In another undisclosed location, a young girl's disemobided voice lectures some men staring at a computer screen about carbon taxes and the "carbon credit system" invented supposedly to keep industrial carbon emissions in check. The man complains about the carbon business, while the girl mocks him for trying to make up his losses in carbon taxes by using cheap labor.

The girl claims that the Ishida Finance company can help him reduce his losses using a complicated carbon transfer credit scheme. The man initially refuses, but his advisors mention that it's technically legal, and the girl reaffirms this by claiming that the "MEDUSA system" can make all of the transfers appear perfectly legal. The man, now referred to as Foreign Minister Abidin, relents as he says that it is the "role of a politician to sell his soul to the Devil for the sake of his country." As he sees his carbon taxes decrease in real-time, Abidin wonders if his people have just wasted the past 50 years when he could've done this sooner.

The disembodied voice, Karin, starts talking to herself with her teddy bear as there is no one else in the room. She laments that her parents are working elsewhere, while an eel-like creature sitting in some bluish fluid starts complaining. Elsewhere, Some men with Lady Ryoko catch that something has gone wrong in the carbon market, but don't know where exactly. One of them suspects Metal-age, and infers that Kuniko might be involved.

Back in the town, Kuniko talks to Momoko, about how she doesn't want to be the leader of Metal-age that everyone keeps calling her. During her chat, she catches Takehiko releasing more carbon into atmosphere. Kuniko and Momoko rush to a nearby power plant as Takehiko is burning some fuel. Kuniko warns Takehiko of a spike in CO2 markets, which would lead to dealing with the government and the "carbon police." Shortly thereafter, one of the men in the plant confirms a large spike in the carbon market, just as the Atlas military starts moving into the city.

Major Kusanagi of the Atlas Security Corps complains about firing on civilians without warning as he sits in one of the military Humvees, but a man in sunglasses talks him down. As the military surrounds the city, Takehiko tries to give Kuniko a dagger to symbolize her role as soon-to-be leader of Metal-age. Kuniko refuses to take it, but confronts the military with her boomerang. Kusanagi steps out of the car and asks if she is Metal-age leader. She weakly denies it, leading him to ask about the "dramatic entrance."

The Army quickly fires on Kuniko, but she blocks the bullets with her boomerang, then counterattacks along with Momoko. During the attack, she throws her boomerang at Kusanagi, who ends up blocking it with a small dagger. Somehow, this causes the dagger to emit a strange sound that resonates on the dagger that Takehiko holds, and a similar one that Mikuni is shown holding. Kuniko remarks she has heard the sound before as several black objects fall from the sky, raining destruction on the town below.

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May Nakabayashi Music Singer of the opening song, "Kimi Shinitamo Koto Nakare"


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