A Warrior’s Heart

A Warrior’s Heart is an anime episode of Baki the Grappler that was released on 02/05/2001
Baki returns home, only to find that his training has made him more powerful than   Yuri Chakovsky .   Hitoshi Kuriyagawa tells  Kaoru Hanayama  that Baki must fight  Yuri 1st. Baki shows  up to one of Yuri's training session, and  shows him how powerful he has become. Kaoru will not stand  idle  and wait for his turn to fight Baki. Kaoru confronts Yuri in  a hallway, so he can disposed of the obstacle between him and a fight with Baki. Kaoru destroys  Yuri in battle forcing Baki to come look for him. The episode ends as Baki and Kaoru facing off in mortal combat.

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Keisuke Itagaki Original Concept Famous for creating Baki the Grappler. Before becoming an artist he serve in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.He also holds a degree in Shorinji Kempo, and has competed in the National Sports Festival of Japan.


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