A vacation in disorientation

A vacation in disorientation is an anime episode of Gintama that was released on


A vacation in disorientation

Toshiro and the gang seek shelter only to find ridiculous things from Tae and Kotarou. They finally find the Shogun, but they still have the issue on how to get warm.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Dilemma (ジレンマ)" by Ecosystem

Kagura and Shinpachi asks Gintoki if Kondo is going to be all right. Gintoki tells them to focus on finding shelter. Kagura asks Sogo if he eats on the floor, but Sogo doesn't eat it. Kagura drops a bar on the snow which Gintoki and Shinpachi dive for it. Toshiro drops the mayonnaise, and no one seems to care until Sogo throws it, and Toshiro goes after it. While Kagura and Gintoki fight over food, they mock Sogo's snow hut with some Dragon Ball Z references. Sogo pushes them in a snow hut which they find it so soothing enough. To the extent, Kagura and Gintoki talk about how it reminds them of spending time in their mother's womb. Toshiro tells them to get out. Yet, Gintoki gets out by smashing through the top.

Kotarou tells them that he will show them his snow hut which is a den. He reassures Kagura that he has frightened the beasts already like big foot. There's a shoe with a note and a thumbtack. Kotarou talks how he feels comfortable in this large sneaker until he gets prick by the thumbtack. Something pushes the thumbtack into his back after Gintoki and gang leave Kotarou. Tae shouts to them about a cave she found. When Shinpachi asks for food, Tae reveals a pile of dead chupacabras. Tae shares her stories about the chupacabras which frighten everyone. She tells them to fight them, but everyone leaves her. Later, Kotarou appear like a bloody fool, and Tae appears with a plate of chupacabras. The guys just move on. When Toshiro reminds them of the Shogun, Gintoki tells Toshiro that the Shogun and Kondo can return to Earth, and both he and Sogo tells him that everything will become white under this snow. Shinpachi tells them to get a grip; before Toshiro says things can't get worse. A bear appears behind them, and everyone runs away. Toshiro tells them not turn their back, and Sogo stabs Toshiro. Kagura stabs Sogo as well. Shinpachi falls off the cliff, but the bear rescues him. The bear is actually the shogun. Tae kicks the bear before Shogun finish his sentence.

At the cabin, Kondo states taht the Shogun rescued him. Toshiro and Sogo enter the cabin with the Shogun unconscious. Gintoki and the others state it was a UMA. The Shogun wakes up with amnesia. Gintoki tells him that he has sent them to find big foot. The Shogun decides to sacrifice himself. Gintoki reminds Toshiro to reward him, yet he tells Gintoki that most of this is his fault. Toshiro tells everyone to cuddle to get warm. He instructs the girls to surround the Shogun while the guys surround the girl. Tae and Kagura tells them that the bear fur is stinky, and Gintoki agrees. Shogun took off his fur and his underwear. Shinpachi and Sogo vomit a bit when they get close to him. The guys suggest that the Shogun wear a turtleneck.

Somehow, Kotarou, Gintoki, and Kondo struggle to point the Shogun's thing at Toshiro. In the fight, the Shogun shoots up and soars towards the guys. On the following day, Toshiro's father asks someone on the phone if what the Shogun's doing is how snowboarding should work.

Closing Theme

Anagura (アナグラ)" by Kuroneko Chelsea

Points of Interest

Kagura and Gintoki use Dragon Ball Z reference by comparing something to Frieza's attacks.

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Hidaeki Sorachi Original Concept A manga artist who is best known for his series Gintama. He is seen in Gintama as a gorilla.


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