A True Magi

A True Magi is an anime episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic that was released on 02/09/2014
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Magicians of Magnoshutatt are set to stop the Fanalis and the Leam soldiers from advancing further on their soil. Will Aladdin be able to retreive his powers in the midst of all this chaos?

— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

A True Magi
RomajiHonmono no Magi
TranslationA Real Magi
MangaCh. 172-175
Theme Music
Ending"With You/ With Me"
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Mu asks Aladdin how he will end the war. Aladdin removes his gem from his left arm. Myers, Sphintus, and the other magicians arrive to Aladdin's side. Mu states that Magnostadt will serve as their foothold against Kou Empire. Aladdin warns that Matal might carrying his dark plans and asks them to stop fighting. Mu refuses and sends his Fanalis Corp. Myers orders her magicians to fly in the air to get some distance. Myron notes that some Borg are stronger than others. With the Fanalis moving towards the barrier with ease, Myers and the magicians are stumped on how to stop the Fanalis. Aladdin thinks of a plan and tells everyone to fire randomly. The ground beneath the Fanalis crumbles. While the Fanalis climb the rocks, the giant hole gets flooded with water due to being near river. Myers and the others use their lightning magic to electrocute the Fanalis in the water. Sai Lin and Sphintus asks Aladdin what's wrong. Suddenly, the Rukh swarms toward Aladdin. With most of the Fanalis Corp mobilized, Mu, Myron, and Lo'lo uses Type 7 Strength magic that easily shatters the Borg of many magicians floating in the sky. Lo'lo finds one magician on the ground and crushes his skull.

After Myers is defeated by Mu, Mu and his trio head to attack the barrier. Within a few movies, the barrier cracks easily. Aladdin summons his 3 Ugo sand giants after having one Ugo stop Mu's trio. The Rukh surrounds Aladdin and condenses enough that everyone including Goi can see them. Scheherazade confirms Aladdin is a Magi while Mu walks towards Aladdin. Mu asks Aladdin if he is a subordinate of Yunan. Aladdin replies no and that he is also not Judar's subordinate. Mu's group attack Aladdin's Ugo giants, but they are not dishing much damage. Aladdin commands his Ugo giants to shoot flames that reach out to shore as a warning shot. . Matal acknowledges Aladdin's true Magi power. Mu argues that Aladdin is no different from Matal if he is going to wipe Leam Empire's forces. On one of the war ships, Alibaba notices the Rukh. Alibaba recalls that Mu says that he is an outsider who should not step in Leam Empire's affairs.

After Irene states that Matal is using clairvoyance magic, Mu sends his forces to engage Aladdin's Ugo giants. Aladdin has his giants break down causing a huge avalanche of sand to carry the soldiers to the shore. He rescues the Magnostadt soldiers. Taking advantage of the situation, Matal has his magicians restore the barrier. Aladdin tells everyone that he will push them back to the ocean as many times. Mohja remarks that Aladdin has broken Leam Empire's troops's fighting spirit. Aladdin begs the Leam soldiers to go back home. Undaunted by Aladdin's tactics, Mu powers up his Djinn Vessel.

Points of Interest

  • Mu states that the hardness of a Borg's shell is proportional to the amount of magoi.
  • Type 7 Strength Magic is Djinn Metal Vessel and Household Vessel. According to Myers, it's strength magic that incorporates spatial influence to invoke the power to twist, smash, and make objects float.

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

CharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
  • Borg
  • Flight Magic
  • Lightning Magic
  • Earth Magic
  • Fire Magic
  • Ugo (Sand Giant)
  • Halharl Infigare
Mu AlexiusItems
Myron AlexiusItems


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Aladdin: "Magnoshutatt can't become one with the world as long as everyone's hearts are consumed by hatred. If that ever happens, it will surely spin out of control."
— Aladdin's Analysis

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Only in the manga, Aladdin makes a comment that Morgiana cannot swim well after his comrades flood the Fanalis. To his surprise, the Fanalis Corp can swim well.
  • The anime skips some parts where Mu was helping his Fanalis comrades and instruct them to take care of the injured.


  • In the manga, the magicians are slaughtered by Myron and the others. Their heads are often cut off. Compared to the anime, the magicians are shown being pushed off.
  • Lo'lo chokes one magician to death in the manga. In the anime, he crushes the magician's head off-screen.
  • When Myers is cut, she bleeds more in the manga version.

Characters & Voice Actors

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