A Tearful Chef Romance

A Tearful Chef Romance is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 05/01/2011

A Tearful Chef Romance

Minko is still frustrated at Ohana about what she said about Tooru. Tooru also is called to help out in the kitchen at the Fukuya Inn, a rival hot spring inn run by Yuina's mother. Soon enough rumors go around that Tooru is leaving the Kissuiso to work at Fukuya. This makes Minko sad, but she refuses any kind of comfort or help that Ohana wants to give her.

Plot Summary

Ohana and Minko fight
Ohana and Minko fight

Tooru, isn't at work today. Ohana tells the others about Yuina riding on Tooru's motorcycle. Rumors start surfacing about how Tooru has left and taken a new job at the Fukuya Inn. Minko is troubled by this, which affects her work in the kitchen. Ohana tries to help Minko get Tooru to come back to the Inn. Minko refuses Ohana's persistent desire to help, saying it is an honor for Tooru to be invited to work at the Fukuya. Ohana wonders to herself, how it must be for Minko to fall in love.

Ohana learns from Nako and Tomoe, that the reason Minko has a job at the Kissuiso Inn, was because Tooru took her under his wing. Minko had intended to become a chef, against her parent's wishes and without going to school. Ultimately Tooru decided to help her get the job, because Minko had the right determination.

Tooru Miyagishi
Tooru Miyagishi

Ohana, convinced that Tooru and Minko should be together, confronts the Fukuya Inn by going there directly. It turns out that Tooru was only helping cover for another cook who was sick that day at the Fukuya, he didn't actually get a job there. Ohana is relieved by this. Tooru is taken aback by how anyone could think of him leaving. Minko bursts out and says if Tooru ever leaves, she will drag him back personally. Which suggests that Ohana's preaching did have some effect on Minko.

As Minko, Nako and Ohana are walking together, Minko asks Ohana to write down a nickname for Minko to call her by. But Ohana takes too long thinking of a nickname, so she does not get a nickname.

Before Ohana goes to sleep, she sends a text message to Kouichi. Ohana thanks Kouichi for wishing her good luck, saying that her success with Minko that day, was at least partly due to Kouichi's good wishes.

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