A Surprising Confession! The Truth Behind the Assassination of Otohime!

A Surprising Confession! The Truth Behind the Assassination of Otohime! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 06/17/2012

Fish-Man Island Arc

A Surprising Confession! The Truth Behind the Assassination of Otohime! - 衝撃の告白 オトヒメ暗殺の真実 (Otohime Ansatsu no Shinjitsu)

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Jimbei and Princess Shirahoshi are captured by Hordy and his crew, and along with King Neptune and the three Princes, hear a shocking new detail regarding the assassination of Queen Otohime 10 years ago. Meanwhile, a brokenhearted Vander Decken's lovesickness takes a violent twist!
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Episode Synopsis

A Surprising Confession! The Truth Behind the Assassination of Otohime!
Kanji衝撃の告白 オトヒメ暗殺の真実
RomajiOtohime Ansatsu no Shinjitsu
Air Dates
June 17, 2012
June 16, 2012
MangaCh. ?? (Vol. ??)
Theme Music

"We Go" by Hiroshi Kitadani

Written and Composed by Shouko Fujibayashi and Kouhei Tanaka

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Shirahoshi, Jimbei, and Megalo captured
Shirahoshi, Jimbei, and Megalo captured

Jimbei and Shirahoshi ride on Megalo as they race to Conchecord Plaza. Suddenly, Shirahoshi hears the voice of her father call out. It's too late for Jimbei to warn her when he sees it's a trap. They are captured in within a giant net, and the New Fish-Man Pirates members threaten to harm Shirahoshi if Jimbei resists.

Hordy's men call for death
Hordy's men call for death

Back and Conchecord Plaza, the commanders of the New Fish-Men Pirates celebrate their victory and capture of King Neptune and the princes, Fukaboshi, Manboshi, and Ryuboshi. Fukaboshi apologizes to his father, but Neptune tells him that their power is fake. Ryuboshi doesn't see that as a consolation if it still gives them the power to take over. The henchmen of Hordy Jones start to chant and call for the death of the royal family when Hordy orders silence. He wants to keep them alive until they have finally lured out Shirahoshi. Manboshi yells that she wouldn't be able to harm him, but he replies that he already knows to truth about her.

Jimbei and Shirahoshi brought to Hordy
Jimbei and Shirahoshi brought to Hordy

Hordy's men soon arrive with Shirahoshi in chains and drops her in the middle of the plaza. She apologizes to Jimbei for getting them caught. Hordy finally notices Jimbei, and even the people around are surprised to see Jimbei and Shirahoshi. Some have heard the princess was kidnapped by Luffy, and others believe that Jimbei must have recognized her.

Hordy reveals his army of fish-men and human slaves
Hordy reveals his army of fish-men and human slaves

Hordy now feels that he's caught nearly all that could possibly fight and stop him. Even though they don't know where the Straw Hats are, he reasons that they are struggling to find a way into Ryugu Palace to save their friends, but will only find them dead from drowning. Even if they try to strike out of revenge, Hordy has a plan to ambush them. From the tunnels surrounding the plaza, thousands of people start streaming in. Hordy declares that he has abducted 30,000 humans pirates over the past month as slaves, and he also has 70,000 fish-men who have been trained to use weapons. He's created an army of 100,000. There are also human women and children elsewhere, but he says they shall be dealt with later. Hordy calls out the the people surrounding the plaza that those who oppose them should either die or run.

Madam Sharley tells Hordy that he will fail
Madam Sharley tells Hordy that he will fail

Hordy's celebrations are interrupted by Madam Sharley from among the citizens. She says she's come to see him at his peak and tells him that she has seen a prophecy of a man destroying Fish-Man Island. With a smile, he believe she must have seen him, but Sharley tells him that the one she saw was Monkey D. Luffy. He is the one who holds the fate of the island. The people all know that her prophecies are always accurate, and that Hordy will never really be able to take power. In a rage, Hordy fores a Water Shot at Sharley. She's seriously injured but still alive.

Hordy admits killing Otohime
Hordy admits killing Otohime

Hordy yells at her that she isn't like her brother Arlong. They admired him as children and united around his ideals, but they no longer need him as a symbol. They had excelled him. He has a powerful army, and shouts out that he has something to declare about the Queen Otohime they all adored so much. He announces that the truth is that he was the assassin who killed the queen. All are shocked, and Shirahoshi goes silent.

Hordy kills his scapegoat
Hordy kills his scapegoat

Zeo and Daruma are surprised that no one ever noticed the truth. Hordy explains that when he was still in the Ammo Knights, he paid off a human pirate to set fire to the signatures Otohime had gathered, shot the queen, then framed the human for the assassination after murdering him as well. King Neptune struggles to break free to get at Hordy, but he fires Neptune in the belly with Shark Arrows.

Shirahoshi admits she knew the truth
Shirahoshi admits she knew the truth

Now turning to Shirahoshi, Hordy starts to taunt the young princess about how he hatched the plan to kill her mother and stoke the fire of hatred for humans at the same time. Otohime was a threat to his ideals, becasue she was close to achieving unity and cooperation. He realized that if he used a human as a scapegoat, the discrimination against humans would rise again. Over and again he tells Shirahichi that to him her mother was a person who needed to and that her mother's killer stands before her. Shirahoshi finally looks up with ears filling her eyes, and she says that she already knew. Even Hordy is shocked by this.

Vander Decken launches Noah at Fish-Man Island
Vander Decken launches Noah at Fish-Man Island

Back in the Fish-Man District outside of Fish-Man Island, Vander Decken IX stands on the Flying Dutchman that's been brought to the ancient ship called Noah. It was created long ago, and no one remember what it's for anymore. He removes the glove from his hand and touches the mammoth ship. His crew is shocked when it starts to rise from the ground. Vander Decken intends to throw it at Shirahoshi for rejecting him. This sip is half the size of Fish-Man Island. when it hits it wont matter if it doesn't hit her directly. It will destroy the entire island. Vander Decken jumps on the ship ad laughs as it takes off.

Points of Interest

  • Luffy's only appearance in this episode is in the prophesy of Madam Sharley. He has no spoken lines.
  • The events of Shirahoshi and Jimbei's capture was never shown in the manga.
  • Hyozo appears but has no spoken lines.
  • The Minister of the Left. Minister of the Right, and Arlong only appear in flashback and they have no spoken lines.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Hordy JonesWater Shot (unnamed)
Shark Arrows (unnamed)
Vander Decken IXTarget-Target

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