A Strong Sister is Killed and Corrupted! #1 - A Strong Sister is Killed and Corrupted!

is a manga book published by CrazySword that was released on 11/15/2007

Plot Summary

A doujinshi composed of stories originally created by mangaka Kyousuke Yaiba in 2002 and 2005.

Story 1

A young boy visits a church on the outskirts of the village Poku. Expecting to see Sister Anne and the father for confession as per usual, he is surprised to see two unfamiliar nuns in their stead. The two women introduce themselves as Sister Rose and Sister Mary and tell the boy that confession will be held the next day. However, after quickly undressing the boy with her eyes, the former sister stops him ans says that she can make an exception in this case. The boy heads toward the confessional booth, but Rose stops him again and tells him to approach her at the altar.

Sister Rose tells the boy that she knows he's been fooling around with a female friend. The boy responds in panic, saying that it was merely a kiss. Rose then removes her robe, exposing her naked body to the boy, and says "All the same to me. I shall satisfy the desires of this boy myself!"

"W-We can't do that. This is a holy church! God is watching!" the boy contests.

Hearing his nagging makes Sister Rose angry and she violently knocks the boy to the floor. She then places her foot on his crotch and threatens to crush his genitals, stating that if she says it's ok, then it's ok. After regaining her cool, Rose then pulls down his pants and performs fellatio on him. She then calls Sister Mary over to join them and perform the "kiss of love". Mary then gets behind the boy and performs analingus on him, following up by using her "love finger". The sister gets carried away, causing the boy to ejaculate and making Sister Rose subsequently berate her not taking things more slowly. The boy cries out to "God-sama" as he tearfully looks towards the large crucifix hanging above them on the church wall for help. Sister Rose laughs at the boy and says "God is nothing more than a coward who only knows how to peep down on them."

Sister Rose spreads her labia and tells the boy that his salvation can be found "here". The two women continue to rape and molest the boy until he ultimately passes out from exhaustion. When the boy finally awakens, he sees Sister Rose and Sister Mary getting dressed; their clothing of which includes leather belts with gun holsters attached.

 "Oh... you&squot;re awake..? If you had just continued sleeping, your death could have been much easier. "   "What!?"
 "Oh... you're awake..? If you had just continued sleeping, your death could have been much easier. "   "What!?"

At that moment, the corpses of Sister Anne and the father, each with a bullet hole in their temple, drop out out the confessional. Sister Rose remarks that she regrets not thanking them beforehand for the clothes. She goes on to say that they would have been in trouble had they not found a place to hide out, and the church was the perfect spot. She then adds that thanks to the boy's ignorance, she was able to enjoy her seclusion far more than originally expected and that he is now free to die. She then aims her gun at him and says "it's time to pray. In the name of the Father, Amen.."

Suddenly, the church doors fly open and a group of men appear at the entrance. One of the men recognizes the two women and shouts "there they are, the two putas!" Rose yells at her partner to conceal the brat, but the men turn their guns on Mari before she is able. Rose quickly aims her gun at the men, but she, too, is filled with bullet holes before she can get a shot off. A dying Mary crawls over to the boy asking for help, but one of the men walks up behind her and fires the finishing shot. The men then cheer as they go to collect their reward for the two womens corpses.

The next day, the boy learns that the two nuns had been heinous criminals on the run from the law. He also states that while these two angels had now returned to heaven, they left behind one of their dark wings. He is then shown, back inside of the church, molesting the girl that Sister Rose had questioned him about. The girl resists, saying that they can't do such a thing in the presence of God, but the boy tells her not to worry and repeats to her the very same words that Sister Rose had given him about God the day before.
Pages: 16
Content: akujo, shotacon, rape, sexually aggressive females, sexually insatiable females, fellatio, anal sex, analingus, decadent nuns, breast sucking, guro, murder, deceased characters, pubic hair, church, wanton invitation, anal fingering, crotch squeeze, hetero, vaginal sex

Story 2

Over the previous two months there had been multiple abduction cases where thirteen females had gone missing. One woman decides to investigate, as her younger sister, Aya, was one of the girls who had disappeared. Her search leads her to a pharmaceutical company, which she stealthily attempts to infiltrate. However, upon reaching "Chemical Research Department #0", situated six floors underground, she mistakenly triggers a booby trap which gives a powerful electric jolt to her body, leaving her temporarily paralyzed. Now alerted to her presence, several of the facility's guards bind her and then take her to Observation Chamber #3.

In the chamber, a woman wearing glasses and dressed in a lab coat comes to greet the heroine. She states that she is the person in charge of the company and remarks on the trouble the heroine encountered while trying to infiltrate such a small room. After the heroine demands to know what is going on, the female pharmaceutical boss simply states that they are developing a new types of drug which acts on the brain, allowing for complete and total mind control. She explains that the drug takes effect very quickly and that all evidence of it's existence disappears without anyone noticing. She continues by saying that for male test subjects, she was able to use vagrants and bums, but for females, doing so was not an available option. The heroine takes that statement as a confession to the abductions and demands to know where she is keeping Aya.

"Aya? She's your younger sister, yes? Though here, she is now simply known as 'Number 13'. Nevertheless, I'll let you meet her." "Is she safe?" "Yes, or at least, her body is..."

The boss summons Aya into the chamber. Relieved to see her sister alive, the heroine asks if she is all right. However, Aya, in a trance-like state, does not respond. Angrilly, the heroine asks the woman what she's done to her. The boss then snaps her fingers, which triggers Aya to immediately undress and begin masturbating. She continues by saying that the last alterations made the drug that was given to the girl were defective and thus, Aya will be unable to return to normal.

"But luckily, the final adjustment value has now been revealed and we will be able to create the drug successfully."

The heroine pleads for her sister to stop her frantic masturbating, inciting a response of laughter from the boss, who then states that it is an impossibility, as Ayla has become nothing more than a doll which demands only pleasure, as per her own instructions. She then divulges that Aya was one of the lucky ones, as all of the previous female subjects either died in agony or became disabled for life, along with having their genitals mutilated. The heroine icily threatens that she will not allow the woman to continue with this.

"Ooo, I'm so scared! Tell me... why do you suppose that I so freely divulged all these important secrets to you?" asks the boss.

At that moment, one of the guards injects the heroine with a large syringe. The boss states that the concentration of the drug that she is receiving is was increased three-fold with no additional adjustments made and then tells the guards to undo her binds so that will be completely unrestrained.
 "My body... hot... freedom... How? It feels like my erogenous zones have been spread throughout my entire body."  

The boss tells "Number 13" that her big sister has come to see her, and that she should do something to thank her for the gesture. Aya responds by saying "yes, I'll make her feel good!" and then rushes over to bite her sister's nipple. The boss then tells Aya to raise her butt, and then slips on a rubber glove to anally finger the girl. In doing so, Aya's clit immediately grows to an enormous size. As the girl moves to penetrate her older sister's vagina, the boss explains that she had modified the sexual organ for occasions such as this. The heroine tries to resist, but is overcome with the intense and pleasurable sensations. After a few moments, the boss finally tells Aya to pull out; words that completely shock the two siblings. It is then that the heroine frightfully realizes that she cannot go one second without that clitoris inserted into her vagina and begs Aya to put it back in. The boss then checks her pocket-watch; impressed at how the drug only took 10 minutes to take effect.

The story ends 3 days later, where the boss checks in on the chamber and discovers that the heroine, in her sexual frenzy, has mutilated Aya's genitals and was now lustfully masturbating with the giant severed clitoris of her sister. At that moment, she gets a phone call from the minister, whom she promptly congratulates on winning a recent election.

"By the way, that investigative woman that I requested be sent over here the other day... there's been a little trouble... No, there is no need for concern. I will have her ground up and processed tomorrow. Have no worries," the boss assures.
Pages: 16
Content: futanari (transformation/giant clit), yuri, big boobs, internal view (penetration), lolicon, sweaty
skin-tight clothing, vaginal fisting, glasses, vaginal fingering (self),  akujo, anal fingering, sexually insatiable females, guro, pubic hair, nipple biting, urination, drugs, mind control, vaginal sex
Total Page Count for Book: 34


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