A Story That Began As We Realized It

A Story That Began As We Realized It is an anime episode of Kokoro Connect that was released on 09/16/2012
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With Heartseed gone the group enjoyed some time off, but a visitor to Taichi is set to stir up new troubles.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Heartseed has stopped causing the group to unleash their desires and has left them in peace until a day before winter vacation, where between 12 and 5PM, members of the group randomly regress in age to children. At first, a note was put up on the clubroom about it by heartseed, and then Yui and Iori become 6 and 11 and then returned to normal, not remembering doing so.


  • Japanese Name: "Kizuki o Ataerarete Hajimatta toiu Hanashi" (気づきを与えられて始まったという話)
  • Manga Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "Paradigm" (パラダイム Paradaimu) by Eufonius
  • Ending Theme: "Salvage" by Team Nekokan feat. Rekka Katakiri

Characters & Voice Actors

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