A Stormy Summer Vacation 2/2

A Stormy Summer Vacation 2/2 is an anime episode of Persona 4: The Animation that was released on 01/12/2012

Persona 4 The Animation Ep. 14

A Stormy Summer Vacation 2/2

This week we'll take a look at the elusive Yu Narukami. Join us as we look into a previously hidden world that only helpful Yus can possibly fall into, rife with prescient foxes, reincarnated professors, explosive fishing and lovestruck nurses.


Opening Theme-

"key plus words" by Shihoko Hirata feat. Yumi Kawamura

Ending Theme-

"The Way of Memories - Kizuna ni Chikara" by Shihoko Hirata

Episode Synopsis

Margaret is sitting alone inside the Velvet Room and welcomes Yu. She displays on the table five of the Arcana that may soon take root into his heart. The thought of Yu gaining so many Arcana at once excites her, and she tells him that he may be just the type of person she envisioned.

Saturday August 6, 2011

Yu was reading "Men Are Forever" up in his room when he hears Nanako come home. She's soaking wet from the rain, so he gets a towel to dry her off. He asks what happened to her Loveline umbrella, and she tells him she lost it.

Meanwhile at Tatsumi Shrine, the fox is sitting under Nanako's umbrella, but the wind blows it into the road then crushed by a passing car. The fox can see the name tag on the umbrella handle.

Sunday August 7, 2011

Yu is standing outside of a shop to buy a Loveline umbrella for Nanako, but they are 8,000 yen. He only has 1,000 yen in his wallet and figures he needs to find a job. While walking down the Shopping District of Inaba, he sees a fox standing in his path. He's given an ema from a boy named Shu Nakajima that says "Look at me". Yu asks the fox if he wants him to grant this wish. When he says he doesn't know how the find him, the fox looks to the nearby bulletin board. There is an flyer for a tutoring job that was posted by Shu's mother. Yu looks to the fox and tells him he's amazing.

Shu is a young boy in glasses that looks to Yu disappointingly. He tells him that he doesn't want to test for Yasogami High School. He was accepted becasue no one else could start right away. Yu just stands silently looking at him. Yu returned home later that night, but walked up to his room.

Wednesday August 10, 2011

Yu has also taken a job at a daycare center that was suggested to him. Yu played with the children but they he heard two of the boys fighting. One of the boys is accusing Yuuta Minami is breaking his Neo Featherman toy. Frustrated, Yuuta grabs the arms of the model and the other boy pulls at the other end. When Yu tries to separate the children the arms of the toy break.

Some time later, Eri Minami is apologizing to the other child's mother for her son breaking the toy. The pompous woman tells Eri that she expects her to compensate for the toy. Eri agrees, but Yu steps in to claim responsibility. When he asks the price, the woman shows him that it was 68,000 yen. He just stares at the exorbitant price. Yu returned home, and Nanako asks if she's like him to warm his dinner up. He tells her that he already ate and heads toward his room but stops. He asks Nanako is she's ever heard of Neo Featherman. She tells him that everyone loves him, and Yu is amazed at the heroes today.

Thursday-Friday August 11-12, 2011

Yu works through the week at tutoring and the day care everyday through the rest of the week. As he's looking through his pay check, he curses the name Neo Featherman.

Saturday August 13, 2011

Adachi is at the Dojima residence and tells Ryotaro that he's drinking too much. Ryotaro ignores his subordinate and demands Yu tell him why he's been out so late this summer. Yu comes straight out to tell them that a fox asked him to take some part time jobs, but they both just laugh at him. Nanako returns to the table and asks what's going on, but Yu just asks them to leave him alone.

Later that night, Yu is sitting up in his room and reading "Timid Teacher".

Tuesday August 16, 2011

Yu is working at the daycare when Yuuta and the other boy are once again fighting. Yuuta is saying he saw Loveline in town. None of the kids believe him becasue she's a cartoon character. Yuuta throws the stick propeller, but Yu grabs him. The girl who was hit throws her's, but hits the other boy. All the kids suddenly begin fighting and throwing things at one another. Yu gets the idea to dress up in Teddie's bear costume to convince them all to stop fighting. They are now more interested in climbing on Yu and kicking at the costumed character. Inside, Yu is suffering terribly, but played with them until sunset. He still rode the bus back home.

As Yu leaves the bus, he find the entire Investigation Team is at the bus stop with Nanako. The mistake him for Teddie. They all find him acting suspiciously, and Yu figures he should act like Teddie and make a run for it when he can find an opening. He tries to impersonate Teddie, but Yukiko notices his voice is strange. They all know him to be more high strung and rolling around. Yu drops to the ground to roll around, he gets back on his feet, then runs away. Everyone of the team are confused why Teddie would run away. Yu finally gets out of the costume now that he's escaped. He now understands how tough Teddie has it in this costume.

Wednesday August 17, 2011

Yu was sitting at the Tatsumi Shire with the fox when he hears a woman call out for help after a thief has robed her. Yu and the fox run to the entrance of the shrine and find Hisano Kuroda on the ground. Yu accompanies her to Inaba Municipal Hospital. The nurse, Sayoko Uehara, tells Yu that she hit her head when she was pushed down, but they she'll recover. Sayoko then walks up to Yu and tells him he's cute. She asks him to go out to town with her, but he declines since he has work. Yu then calls home to tell him he'll be late. Nanako tells her dad the message, and Ryotaro wonders what Yu's been up to.

Later, Yu is using "Math II: Answers for Practice Workbook" to help tutor Shu, but he asks him if school is fun. Shu doesn't find it fun since he's surrounded by idiots. Yu looks over at a photo posted on Shu's board. It's of him alone in front of a birthday cake with only his mother. Yu notices the date of August 20th.

Thursday August 18, 2011

Yu is standing at the bus stop with flowers when Sayoko Uehara walks off. She asks if he was coming to visit her, but he tells her that he was going to see the elderly woman who he helped. Sayoko doesn't seem to be listening and asks if the flowers were also for her. She tells him that she doesn't mind him being so forward, and starts dragging him off with her. They winds up at Aiya where she's drinking heavily. She's complaining that she can't stand being a nurse. The bosses are mean and the men leer at her, then everyone leaves once they recover. Yu says that it's good they get discharged. She thinks she should quit but doesn't know what she'd do when Yu asks. Sayoko changes the subject and asks Yu to go to the festival with her. He tells her he's already going with friends, but she asks him to just see them then spend the rest of the night with her. She gives Yu her phone number and tells him to give her a call.

Yu is back at the bus stop with Syoko's number in his phone and he smells like alcohol. Eri Minami is getting off the bus and notices Yu. Yu joins Eri to the park near the Flood Plains as Yuuta plays with another boy. She tells him that Yuuta isn't her real son. She's the son of her husband. She feels so unsure about how to act around him, and thinks Yuuta hates her. The other boy leaevs holding his mother's hand, and Yuuta runs back to them. Yu notices as they walk away together but not holding hands.

Once more, Yu is back at the bus stop, but this time it's Hisano who's walking off. Yu escorts her to the Samegawa Flood Plains and to the nearby river bank. She tells him that she'll be moving soon, and this town holds too many memories of her belated husband. She holds out an elegant hair comb that was a gift from her husband. Yu's shocked when she says she doesn't need it anymore and throws it into the river. She says her love for her husband dried up in the end. There's no point in holding on to old memories. As she walks away, she says she's glad that she met Yu since he's the image of her husband in his youth. As she walks away, Yu is shocked the a giant fish, the Guardian of Samegawa, leaps out of the water and Hisano's hair comb is caught in it's fin.

Yu is later watching Tanaka's Amazing Commodities on TV and sees Tanaka selling the "Explosive Fishing Set". This is just what he needs.

Friday August 19, 2011

Yu's delivery finally arrives, and he walks downstairs in the full get up. Nananko is confused as Yu boldly walks out of the house.

Saturday August 20, 2011

It's the night of the Tatsumi Shrine festival, and Kanji is shocked at the rings under Yu's eyes. Teddie runs up to Old Lady Shiroku stand to eat some shaved ice. Yosuke asks if Nanako is coming, and he tells him that her father is bringing her later. Yu then notices Hisano sitting alone. he runs up to her, and she says she had a feeling she'd see him again. He hands her the comb she threw into the river, but she asks how he got it. It seems he was spending his nights fishing and finally caught the Guardian of Samegawa. Yu tells her that she seems sad after the threw it away. She suddenly remembers the night her husband gave her the comb at the festival. She starts crying as she remembers that night. She relaizes that she truly did love her husband. In the distance, Yu sees Shu running away.

Yu finally watches up to his pupil, and he's carrying a large firework shell. The boy screams that he doesn't want fireworks. The people at school talked about seeing them together, but none of them invited him. He thinks it's becasue they're jealous of him. Yu cuts him off to give him a gift. It's a pocket game of Othello for his birthday. When Shu asks how he knows, Yu tells him he saw the date on the photo in his room. When Shu asks why he choose this, Yu says that it's a game you can't play by yourself. he'll need to ask someone to play with him. Shu still thinks that everyone is goofy, but Yu tells him that goofing around can be fun. Elsewhere, it seems Teddie ate way too much shaved ice. When Shu admits to stealing the fireworks, Yu promises to go with him to return it and apologize.

Elsewhere at the festival, the same spoiled kid that Yuuta is always fighting with is accusing him of knocking down his cotton candy. Eri tries to calm Yuuta down, but the spoiled boy's mom just says that boys with mother's like Eri always turn out bad. It's what happens with a failure of a mother, but suddenly Yuuta screams and tackles into the snobby woman. The woman raises her hand to strike Yuuta, but Eri jumps in the way and hits her head hard on the stone walk way.

Yu is walking by with the firework shell but leaves it behind to help Eri. The snobbish woman panics and runs away with her boy. Yuuta is crying for Yu to say his mother. Yu calls up Sayoko, who's surprised that he actually called. She's shocked as Yu is demanding her help to aid someone bleeding. She guides him to cover the wound with a large piece of cloth. Looking around, Yu see Ai Ebihara's scarf. He tells her that he needs it and uses it to bandage Eri's head. sayoko then tells her to keep her head cool, but Old Lady Shiroku is out of ice. Kou and Daisuke ask what's wrong, then Aika Nakamura arrives with an order of ice. Yu takes a bit of the ice to put on Eri's wound. As her eyes open, Yuuta clings to Eri calling her Mom. Sayoko finally arrives on the scene, and Yu thanks her for her help. He then remembers the fireworks and he runs it back just in time.

As the fireworks go off, Yu is standing with Nanako in her Loveline costume. Shu runs up to them and thanks Yu for being the first person to go so far for him. Later, Yu takes Nanako in her costume so Yuuta can prove he wasn't lying earlier that he saw Loveline. Who he actually saw was Nanako in costume. Eri thanks Yu for all his help. The mother and son are now walking away and holding hands. Sayoko then approaches. She tells Yu that she had lost sight of how important it is to help save lives. She thanks Yu for reminding her of that. Then outside Tatsumi Shrine, Hisano thanks Yu for helping her reain her memories of her husband. Yu gets a call from Yukiko, then gives the phone to Nanako.

Some time later, Nanako is struggling to walk in a yukata with the rest of the girls. Yosuke is shocked that Teddie is still eating. Kanji gets shy, but the boys love seeing the girls in yukatas. Ryotaro arrives since he tossed his work onto Adachi. Nanako tells her father they got her cotton candy, and he asks if she wants to go to the shooting game. Ryotaro walks off with Nanako to leave the kids to enjoy themselves. Teddie suggests they all split up in couples for the festival and Rise agrees. However, Teddie decides he'll couple with Yukiko, Chie and Rise. Before they can protest, Teddie has already pulled the girls away, leaving the rest of the boys behind.

Sunday-Tuesday August 21-23, 2011

In the following days, Shu finally started playing with the other kids, Eri and Yuuta are closer than ever, Sayoko is hard at work as a nurse, and Hisano sits at home in a yukata and wearing the hair comb. Yu has also finally earned what he needed to pay for the Neo Featherman toy. He's at the Tatsumi Shrime when the fox shows him all the money that the shrine has earned recently. Yu finally has enough money to buy Nanako a Loveline umbrella.

Thursday August 25, 2011

Nanako is standing under the awning of Aiya as it's raining. She's surprised when the fox walks up to her with a Loveline umbrella. The fox sets it down then runs off. As she looks at it. It has her name tag on it. Nanako yells out a thanks for the fox as she starts to walk home. Yu is with the fox and pats his head in thanks.

Points of Interest

  • This episode of Persona 4 is the only one that has Yaosuke narrating events.
  • The Loveline umbrella is prices at 8,000 yen which at the time would equal $104. The Neo Featherman toy is 68,000 yen which is basically $885.
  • In the game, the player meets Sayoko as a part time job at the hospital that increases the player's Courage.
  • In the game, it was Hisano's husband who was suffering from a prolonged and growing amnesia due to an illness. Up till his death he had completely forgotten who she was.
  • The fish that has Hisano's comb attached to it is the Guardian of Samegawa. This fish can only be caught in night fishing with the Angler Fish set that is obtained during Quest 48 "I Would Like to See the Guardian of Samegawa". However, this quest can only be taken from October on.


Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #14 by Nick Robinson (Babylonian) & Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt). HERE

Giant Bomb- Persona 4 Endurance Run: The events of this episode were shown in the Episode ?? of the Giant Bomb Endurance Run of Persona 4.

(via TheRealGiantBomb on youtube)

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