A Stormy Summer Vacation 1/2

A Stormy Summer Vacation 1/2 is an anime episode of Persona 4: The Animation that was released on 01/05/2012

Persona 4 The Animation Ep. 13

A Stormy Summer Vacation 1/2

Loveline is on the scene! Yu has been coming home late at night, tired and sluggish. Nanako is worried, so in true lil' sis fashion, dawns the Loveline persona to find out why! Join Nanako and friends as she solves the case of the beaten down Big Bro!


Opening Theme-

"key plus words" by Shihoko Hirata

Ending Theme-

"Love Detective" 恋する名探偵 (Koi suru Meitantei) by Yui Horie (Loveline)

Episode Synopsis

Igor welcomes Yu into the Velvet Room. Margaret then congratulates Yu on overcoming his most hard fought battle to date and believes he should rest and rejuvenate. Igor adds that there may not be much time but there's value in doing as you wish.

Saturday August 6, 2011

It's raining as Nanako is walking home from the store with her umbrella. She's startled as a fox covered in scars and wearing an off apron around it's neck darts past her path and to the step of the Tatsuhime Shrine. Nanako feels sorry as the wet fox sneezes. She pets his head and leaves her umbrella for him as she leaves.

Sunday August 7, 2011

It's nighttime at the Dojima residence. Ryotaro Dojima had heard that Nanako came home soaking wet from the rain yesterday and asks what happened to the umbrella he bought her. Nanako lies and says she lost it and apologizes. The door suddenly opens and Yu Narukami walks in carrying some books. Ryotaro comments on him being out so late, but he says he was busy and walks up to his room.

Wednesday August 10, 2011

Nanako is watching TV when Yu walks in. Nanako runs to greet him and asks if she should warm his dinner up. He tells her that he's already eaten, but he stops to asks Nanko if she's ever heard of Neo Featherman. She knows all the kids love that character, and Yu walks upp to his room commenting on how amazing heroes are these days. Nanako is left confused.

Friday August 12, 2011

Nanako is watching TV as she hears Yu lethargically announce he's home then slowly walk up to his room. She now looks worried about him.

Saturday August 13, 2011

Ryotaro has brought home sushi for the family and Adachi is also there. Ryotaro is drunk and confronts Yu on how he's been coming home late recently. Nanako cries out suddenly becasue she bit into a piece with wasabi. Ryotaro laughs that she remove it and asks what piece she wants next. She asks for halibut, and Adachi compliments her on having mature tastes. He quickly eats the sea urchin roe, and Ryotoaro yells at him for eating the only piece.

Ryotaro turns his attentions back to Yu and asks what he's been up to. He laughs thinking he's got a girl, but Yu denies it. Adachi tries to tell Ryotaro that he's drinking too much despite having solved the case. Ryotaro ignores his subordinate and demands to know what he's been up to. A short time later, Nanako returns to the kitchen table to find her father and Adachi laughing at Yu. She asks what's going on, but Yu just hangs his head and asks them to leave him alone.

Adachi goes back to eating and starts talking about the case. He was shocked to learn the killer is a high school student. They even found his prints on the clothes of one of the victims. Nanako turns on the TV and one of her favorite shows is starting. It's the cartoon of the magical, detective girl Loveline. Inspired by the words of Loveline, she looks to Yu and she's made up her mind.

Monday August 15, 2011

Yu is leaving the house with his head having low. Though Nanako wishes him a safe trip, she stands up and changes into her Magical Detective Loveline costume. It takes a few presses of her character magnifying glass to get the right saying to start the case. She's carefully following behind Yu when Teddie appears to asks what she's doing. She has to stop him from calling out to Yu, and she tells him that she's trying to tail Yu. Teddie starts sniffing the air and tells Nanako to follow him, but Nanako says that Yu was heading the other direction. Reluctantly, Nanako follows him to what turns out to be a food vender. Across the street, a young boy spots Nanako in costume and is shocked. He thinks it's the real Loveline. Nanako's disappointed she's lost Yu, but she's determined to try again tomorrow.

Tuesday August 16, 2011

Nanako is back in costume and leaves the house, but Yu is already out of sight. Chie and the rest of the Investigation Team are suddenly behind her. They take her tot he Junes food court, and Yosuke's shocked that Yu has been worrying Nanako. Rise mentions that he hasn't been with them much recently, either. Chie tries calling him, but he's not answering. Nanako suggest they look for him, and Kanji agrees.

The Team joins Nanako as they walk around Inaba in search of Yu. Yukiko seems especially taken with Nanako's toy magnifying glass. They all spread out at the Shopping District of the town, but they never find him.

Everyone is exhausted as they rest near the bus stop. The bus pulls up as Chie says that it's hard to find someone without any clues. To everyone's shock, Teddie walks out of the bus in his bear outfit. Nanako asks if the bear is their friend. Teddie flinches as he hears them call out and silently turns around. They gather around him and everyone notices how off character he is. A struggled voice from inside the costume says he's no suspicious. However, they point out his voice is strange and he's not rolling around. He then suddenly drops and starts rolling. Everyone notices how forced it looks. Teddie casually rocks back up on his feet, stops, then runs away with lightning speed.

Wednesday August 17, 2011

It's night time, and Ryotaro and Nanko are home without Yu. Nanako hangs up the phone and tells her father that Yu just told her he'll be home late. Even Ryotaro is confused what he's up to, but encourages his daughter to keep on the case. She confidently says she's on the investigation, and her father's surprised by some of the words she's learned.

Thursday August 18, 2011

This time, Nanako has followed Yu all the way to the bus stop. She turns the corner to find Yu with an attractive, older woman. He's carrying flowers and she seems taken with out forward he's being. Nanako is shocked as she watches her pull him away.

Nanako is sitting alone in the June food court when Yosuke and Teddie in costume comes by. She tells them what happened, and they join her to the park to find Yu. Kanji, Yosuke, and Teddie are peaking over some nearby shrubs and are surprised to see that Nanako was right. Nanako can't see over, and Kanji's confused why he was told about something urgent. Nanako finally manages to get a look through the bush, and she tells them that the older woman he's sitting with now isn't the one she saw earlier. That was shocking enough to learn, then the woman's young son comes running up.

The team is sitting at Souzai Daigaku as Rise refuses to believe what the guys saw. Nanako wants to go double check. Rise agrees and wants the other girls to join her. Chie tries to say doesn't mind, and Yukiko says it would be embarrassing if they were caught. Teddie offers them a disguise, but it turns out to be several sets of gag glasses. Yukiko seems to be the only one that doesn't mind as they're walking down the Flood Plains. Nanako spots Yu standing at the bank of the river with an elderly woman in morning clothes. Now, it's the girls' turn to be shocked.

Nanako is walking home when she sees a boy in glasses standing alone as he watches other kids having fun and playing. She can't help but notice how sad he looks.

Friday August 19, 2011

Nanako is watching TV. She gets up to talk to Yu, but she stops talking as soon as she sees him covered in a strange vest and carrying fishing gear. Yu asks her what's wrong, but she says it's nothing despite her wanting to ask him about the women she saw him with. Yu then leaves, and she wishes him a safe trip.

Saturday August 20, 2011

There is a festival being held at the Tatsuhime Shrine. Nanako is sitting in her Loveline costume away from all the stands and lights. She remembers how her father called to apologize for not being able to join her to the festival becasue of Adachi's mistakes. She looks sad and nearly walks away forgetting her magnifying glass. She turns when someone calls out ofr Loveline, and she seems Naoto Shirogane holding her toy magnifying glass. He asks what's wrong, but can tell something is wrong despite Nanako not saying a word. He tells her that the case will never close if a detective gives up. he hands over her toy magnifier and tells her not to give up. Filled with resolve, Nanako runs back to the festival.

While looking for Yu, Nanako notices Kou Ichijo and Daisuke Nagase at the shaved ice stand of Old Lady Shiroku. They are shocked to hear she's sold out. She tries to explain that a handsome, strange talking foreign boy was there earlier and ate up all her shaved ice. Nanako offers an idea to help them. Daisuke calls up Aiya to deliver some ice, and Aika thanks him for the order. Kou wonders if she'll really come, but Nanako tells him that her big brother says she's amazing.

Nanako runs back out in search of Yu and past both the woman with child and the other older woman she saw Yu with. AI Ebihara calls out to ask Nanako a favor. She uses the telescoping handle on Nakao's magnifier to get her scarf out of a nearby tree. She asks Nanko what she thinks, and she says it's cool. Ai tells her that she should say it's cute. Nanako hears something behind her, and she spots Yu running behind the fence.

Nanako is running to find Yu when she finds Old Man Daidara choking on some dango. She smacks him on the back to help him. She notices the fireworks mark on his robe. He says that fireworks are his art. He tells her that he loves to see the expressions of people at the festival. It's because of how everyone starts smiling. He thinks bringing smiles to people's faces is amazing, and Naako thinks about that. Looking at the time, Daidara stands up and tells her to look forward to the show.

Nanako finally finds Yu walking alone and looking tired. She runs up and grabs on to him. Yu seems both surprised to see her and the costume. However, the fireworks show has begun. They are enjoying the show when a boy in glasses calls out to Yu. Yu walks up to him alone, but Nanako can see the boy with glasses is smiling and crying. Later, Nanako is with Yu as they see the mother and son from earlier are watching the fireworks together, when Yu is with the attractive older woman and she's thanking him, then outside the festival where the elderly woman is also talking to Yu. All of them had a smile on their face. Nanako tells Yu that he's amazing, but he seems confused.

Later, Ryotaro arrives and Nanako is in a yukata holding the hand of her father and Yu. She had a fun night, and Ryotaro teases that he has a surprise for her in two days.

Monday August 22, 2011

The entire Investigation Team is at the Dojima house and Kanji is running about calling for the watermelon, can carrying a shaker of salt. Yu tells them that Ryotaro is getting it. Yosuke can't wait to break it open. Chie's surprised to hear they're doing that, and Yukiko seems more surprised that they wouldn't. Nanako wants to split the watermelon, and Teddie goes on about how that's what youth is about. Ryotaro finally returns and he's surprised by all the shoes he sees at the front door. Nanako runs up to him and tells him that she wants to split the watermelon, but he's already carrying a plate of it sliced.

He apologizes and never thought she'd want to break it open. Chie tells her that they can save that for later. Rise wants to do that at the beach. Yosuke likes that idea but thinks it'll have to wait till next year. Nanako asks if they'll play with her next year, and they all agree. Yu is smiles as he sees how happy Nanako is.

Later, Nanako and Yu are sitting out on the back patio while the rest are inside. She finally gets the chance to ask what he did this summer. Yu starts to tell her his story.

Points of Interest

  • Episode 13 was originally scheduled to air on December 29th, but was moved to January 5th.
  • When Taddie meets Nanko following Yu she says she's "tailing him" (尾行, bikō). Teddie then begins sniffing the hair. It's possible he thought Nanako had meant 鼻孔 bikō that means nostril and followed his nose.
  • Aika Nakamura is only heard over the cell phone and doesn't actually appear in this episode.
  • The voice of Nanako's dog magnifying glass is done by Chafurin, the voice actor of the Detective Conan character Juzo Megure.
  • In this episode, Yu's Courage increased by one to Daring, Knowledge by one to Expert, and Understanding by one to Motherly.


Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #13 by Nick Robinson (Babylonian) & Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt). HERE

Giant Bomb- Persona 4 Endurance Run: The events of this episode were shown in the Episode ?? of the Giant Bomb Endurance Run of Persona 4.

(via TheRealGiantBomb on youtube)

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