A Starless Street

A Starless Street is an anime episode of Cobra the Animation that was released on 01/16/2010

Thanks to Secret's perfect body matching that of Shiva, Cobra is able to pass through the gate with her to the control room to shut off Galon's propulsion. However, the two of them accidentally trigger a trap that increases the gravity near the controls to inhuman levels. Cobra tries to crawl forward with his superhuman strength, but falls down a trapdoor.

When Cobra wakes up, he finds himself in an alleyway without any memory of who he was or what he's doing there. However, after helping save a woman in distress, he decides to play along with her and become a street fighter under the name Joe until he can recover his memories.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Keizo Shimizu Director
Yoshihiro Ike Music Music composer


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