Shaman King #32 - A Song Someday

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 01/05/2005

Plot Summary

While Lady Jeanne prays for Yoh's group, and Anna and her group place their faith in Yoh's group as well, Hao reaches the king's shrine. Yoh's group faces Radim. Back to Anna's group, Miki realizes that Redseb and Salerm is going the lost continent of Mu. The two make it to the king's shrine by punching through the barrier; however, Hao defeats them and consumes Salerm and the golem's souls. He tells Redseb to tell Yoh.

After defeating Radim, Yoh and his group spend the night at Kalim's plant while Lady Sati's group defeat Hell's warden to gain the four great, elemental spirits. Back at Tokyo, Manta dreams about princess Hao and wakes up to see Anna tying up Anahol.

The story ends abruptly. Please see the author's notes below. The next manga series is the Kanzeban series that has the true ending.


Japanese Release Date: January 5, 2005.

American Release Date: January 4, 2011.

*Note: These titles come from the official dub manga volume, so they might not translate correctly to the official Japanese titles.

Reincarnation 276: Announce the Current Values Page 9

Reincarnation 277: Planetarium Page 29

Reincarnation 278: Mike Performance - "Maiku pafōmansu" (マイクパフォーマンス) Page 49

Reincarnation 279: Scary Things - "Kowai koto" (怖い事) Page 69

Reincarnation 280: A Song Someday - "Itsuka no shi" (いつかの詩) Page 87

Reincarnation 281: For Everything - "Ima made zutto" (今までずっと) Page 105

Reincarnation 282: Cows - "Ushi" (牛) Page 125

Reincarnation 283: For the Time Being - "Toriaezu" (とりあえず) Page 141

Reincarnation 284: Good Night - "Oyasumi" (おやすみ) Page 161

Reincarnation 285: After the Dream - "Yume no ato" (夢のあと) Page 181

Special Bonus:

Funbari Poem: Funbari Hot Springs:

  • Prologue - "Funbari no shidai ichi wa 'purorōgu'" (ふんばりの詩第一話「プロロー) Page 195
  • Legendary Warrior - "Funbari no shidai ni wa 'densetsu no senshi" (ふんばりの詩第二話「伝説の戦士) Page 202
  • Lost Child - "Funbari no shidai san wa 'maigo" (ふんばりの詩第三話「迷子) Page 207
  • Trying Hard - "Funbari no shidai yon wa 'ganbaru hito" (ふんばりの詩 第四話「がんばる人) Page 213
  • Funbari Poem - "Funbari no shidai go wa 'funbari no shi" (ふんばりの詩 第五話「ふんばりの詩) Page 219


Hiroyuki Takei - Foreword

Hiroyuki Takei talks about how his hair stopped falling after his weekly serial run has ended. He tells his readers to be patient with him as he prepares to continue the series due to a lot of fans urging him to do it.

Hiroyuki Takei - Afterword

Hiroyuki Takei apologizes to end Shaman King abruptly, but he promises his fans that he will give it a proper ending after taking a break and doing some work overseas. (in 2005)

He thanks all of his readers and reminisce about all the things he did during years of working on Shaman King. He never imagined that his work would receive so much love and support. He apologizes again for not doing a better job.

December 2004


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