A Soldier's Fate

A Soldier's Fate is an anime episode of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet that was released on 05/19/2013
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When Ledo has an encounter with a whalesquid undersea, he attacks and kills it because of its similar appearance to the Hideauze. Little did he know that whalesquid are considered sacred, so murdering one is taboo, and soon the whole ship is in an uproar over it. Ledo, however, believes that whalesquid {\i1}are{\i0} Hideauze and he's determined to carry out his mission by slaughtering more of them before they decide to target humans on Earth. Just as Amy tries to stop Ledo, a huge pod of whalesquid approaches the fleet...
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Plot Summary

A Soldier's Fate
RomajiHeishi no Sadame
Theme Music
OpeningKono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita
EndingSora to Kimi no Message
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Deep in sea, Ledo chases after the whale squid. Though, Bellows tries to stop Ledo. The aggravated whale squid attacks Bellows. When lasers do not work, Ledo has Chamber squeeze the whale squid to death. In the command room, Ridget finds out that Ledo has killed a sacred animal. Ledo has taken a sample of squid's guts for Chamber to analyze. He believes he has brought the Hideauze with him. Meanwhile, Dr. Oldham makes a diagnosis on Ferrock's health and advises Ferrock to not stress his body too much. By the docks, Pinion tells the crew about the treasure near the whale squid's nest. Back in the command room, Ridget scolds Bellows for not warning Ledo. However, Ledo states that he has to exterminate them to make sure the human race is safe. When Pinion speaks with Flanges in private, Bellows and Riget notice them. In Bellow's room, Ledo asks Bevel about the whale squid. Amy and Bevel try to convince him not to kill the whale squid. Outside, Bellows tries to tell Pinion not to go after the treasure in the whale squid's territory. Pinion gets angry, but he agrees not to go after the treasure to avenge his brother.

When a swarm of whale squid approaches the Gargantia Fleet, Ledo prepares to board Chamber. Amy rushes to stop him. The Gargantia inhabitants get ready to evacuate. Ferrock arrives to take charge of the situation. He orders everyone to power down their ships and to not make a single sound. Amy attempts to stop Ledo. Then, Ridget arrives with two armed men. She orders Ledo to stand down. When a pod of whale squid passes underneath Gargantia, everyone gets tense. With the group of whale squid has passed, Ledo explains that he cannot carry his mission. Next day, Pinion makes a contract and wants Ferrock to sign it to give him permission to go with Ledo to salvage for treasure in whale squid's territory. When Ferrock refuses, he suffers a heart attack.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazuya Murata Director
Hanaharu Naruko Character Artist/Designer Hanaharu Naruko is a character designer and a mangaka who works mostly on hentai.
Gen Urobuchi Writer Gen Urobuchi is a Japanese author and the original creator of the Fate/Stay Night series.
Minori Chihara OP Theme Song: "Kono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita (この世界は僕らを待っていた)"
Choucho ED Theme Song: "Sora to Kimi no Message (空とキミのメッセージ)"


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