Shaman King #1 - A Shaman in Tokyo

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 12/03/1998

Plot Summary

The world has grown away from the old ways of following nature and listening the spirits that guide it. Well not everyone as Manta Oyamada is about to find out. As Manta takes a shortcut home one night he runs into a new friend that is still a follower of the Shamanic ways. Thus the reader is introduced to Yoh Asakura as he begins his journey to help other people and the ghosts of this world.


Japanese Release Date: December 3, 1998

American Release Date: September 3, 2003

Reincarnation 1 - The Boy Who Dances with Ghosts - 幽霊と踊る男 - (Yūrei to odoru otoko)

Reincarnation 2 - The Waiting Samurai - 待つ侍 - (Matsu samurai)

Reincarnation 3 - The Unfinished Billboard - 未看板 - (Mi kanban)

Reincarnation 4 - Soul Boxing - ソウル・ボクシング! - (Sōru bokushingu)

Reincarnation 5 - Samurai Bodyguard - 侍ボディーガード - (Samurai bodīgādo)

Reincarnation 6 - Another Shaman - (もう一人のシャーマン - (Mō hitori no shāman)

Reincarnation 7 - Shaman vs. Shaman - (Shaman×Shaman)

Reincarnation 8 - 100% Integration - 憑依100 - (Hyōi hyaku)

Special Info! - Ryu's Companions on His Search for the 'Happy Place!


Full Plot Summary

Reincarnation 1 - The Boy Who Dances With Ghosts

The series kicks off big as Yoh meets his greatest spirit ally Amidamaru. First though he meets his first friend who is a living human, Manta Oyamada. Manta and Yoh meet at the graveyard one night, but Yoh denies his ability to see ghost at school so as not to draw attention to himself. When Manta returns to school beat up the next day though Yoh takes offense and drags Manta to the graveyard again. This time Yoh hands out the beatings as he Soul Integrates with Amidamaru, an ancient samurai that was known for killing 600 men in battle. After the gang leaves Yoh offeres his new ally a chance to join with him, but Amidamaru refuses.

Reincarnation 2 - The Waiting Samurai

In an attempt to get Amidamaru to join him Yoh researches his past and finds his old sword. When him and Manta go to see the sword they find it is very old and in bad shape. They also find the spirit of Amidamaru's old friend and the blacksmith of the sword Harusame. Mosuke explains that he has been sitting with the sword since he died and was unable to deliver it to his friend. With Yoh's help Mosuke is able repair Harusame to it's original form and presents it to Amidamaru. Humbled by Yoh's kind gesture Amidamaru joins him.

Reincarnation 3 - The Unfinished Billboard

Yoh discovers while being drug to school one day that there is a billboard that keeps falling off of a shop almost smashing many people. Unsure that it is pure coincidence Yoh researches the history behind the painting and finds that the artist fell off his ladder while working and died while making it. Now angry that the work couldn't be complete the artist. Yoh returns and offers the angry spirit the chance to finish his work if it will stop his murderous rampage.

Reincarnation 4 - Soul Boxing

This time it isn't the dead that need help so much as an angry teenager on the wrong path in life. Yoh meets Tatsushi while Tatsushi is beating on another student. Yoh speaks with Manta and learns of the bully's past with the boxing champ Gusshi Kenji. Yoh finds Kenji's spirit and brings it to the gynm that Tatsushi still hangs out at and gives him the chance to fight his old teacher one more time.

Reincarnation 5 - Samurai Bodyguard

Yoh and manta try beating the scorching summer heat with some shaved ice as Yoh explains to Manta how he sees Amidamaru as his Yojimbo, or bodyguard. As they get ready to leave the shop though a fire breaks out. Thinking quickly Yoh sends Amidamaru in to see if there are any survivors and where the closest firefighters are. Amidamaru returns explaining that people are trapped on the roof and the stand still traffic has caught the firefighters too. Without waiting Yoh covers himself in water and takes off for the building. Amidamaru tries to stop him, but Yoh goes in telling Amidamaru that he has faith in Amidamaru's abilities to keep Yoh safe. As he nears the roof a wall collapse, but once again Amidamaru proves himself capable and not only saves Yoh, but saves the day when he ruptures the water tank on the roof.

Reincarnation 6 - Another Shaman

Manta has to resort to his shortcut again, this time however he is met by a new shaman, one who is a lot less kind than Yoh. Manta tries to warn Yoh of the new shaman, but it is of no use Yoh thinks he is just mistaken. It doesn't come to a surprise though when Manta ends up being right. Ren shows up soon after their talk and tries to kill several people because their car pollutes the air. Luckily for the hapless individuals Yoh is there and saves them.

Reincarnation 7 - Shaman vs. Shaman

Yoh and Ren go head to head to see who gets Amidamaru. Yoh refuses to let his friend and ally become some kids play toy and fights back, Ren on the other hand sees Amidamaru as even more powerful ally that he can control to become the Shaman King. The fight goes even at first, but then Ren shows his real power and nearly kills Yoh using his full integration.

Reincarnation 8 - 100 Percent Integration

Yoh tries to make Amidamaru go to heaven to keep him safe, but Amidamaru refuses to leave his friend in danger. After Ren explains the basic flaw in sharing a body with a spirit Yoh and Amidamaru make a come back. Yoh and Amidamaru manage to completely integrate and defeat Ren. Manta is left to wonder what the future may hold.


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