A Robot Only We Can Build

A Robot Only We Can Build is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 12/14/2012
After the outcome of the GunBuild-1 start-up test, Subaru tries to convince Akiho to build a new robot from scratch. Meanwhile, Kai unexpectedly makes the discovery of the century...
— Funimation

Plot Summary

A monopole
A monopole

Kaito sits under the shade of a tree as he plays Kill Ballad. He loses to TAKANO_EYE, the top ranked player on Kill Ballad and comes to the conclusion to that the player is using cheats. Then Kaito calls for Airi, but is surprised to find that she is in her Geji mode. She tells him that she is monitoring the progress of the verifiactory experiment, which employs the EGI system or the radar dome. Kaito remembers that the radar dome is supposed to send signals into the sky and asks her if anything has changed since then. Airi notifies him that something has changed and a bean shaped object falls from the sky.

After the failed experiment with robot, Fujita Tetsuharu uninstalls the engine and offers to overhaul it. Despite the experiment being a failure, Akiho still plans on working on the GunBuild-1. Then Akiho receives an e-mail from Subaru, detailing the results of the simulation on the the GunBuild-1's start up. According to the simulation, the only way for the robot to work properly, the Robo Reseach Club must redesign the robot from the ground up. Another ringtone starts playing and this time it's coming from Subaru's phone. He checks his e-mail and gets an invitation from Kaito to go see him in the Uchugaoka Park.

Akiho wants to use the monopole
Akiho wants to use the monopole

Once Subaru is at the park, Kaito fills Subaru on the details by letting him know that the bean shaped object is called a monopole. In disbelief, Subaru tries to touch the bean shaped rock, but recoils when a charge of electricity shoots through his fingers. Subaru asks Kaito what made him thought that it was a monopole. Kaito clarifies that he does not know what a monopole even is. Subaru deducts that Kaito was told of the monopole by Airi and explains what a monopole is. Then Kaito tells Subaru how he come upon the monopole and that more monopoles could be coming soon. As soon as he says this, Akiho appears from the bushes and reacts with surprise. Kaito scolds Subaru for not coming alone, but Subaru explains that Akiho wanted to come along. Akiho looks at the monpole and suggests that the Robot Reseach Club could sell the monopole for millions of yen. Subaru tells Akiho that the monopole is often used in science fiction as an energy source and could produce tremendous amounts of energy. The idea excites Akiho and she asks if she could use it to power a motor.

Akiho sleeps on the grass
Akiho sleeps on the grass

Eventually Akiho falls sleep and she wakes up in the afternoon. She asks if any more monopoles had appeared, is told by Kaito and Subaru that none have appeared while she was sleeping. Remembering that Subaru's father does not approve of robots, Akiho asks Subaru if he would be in trouble for staying out so late with the Robot Research Club. Subaru explains that as long as he is not working on robots, his father will not mind. While on the topic of robots, Subaru advises Akiho that the GunBuild-1 will not work the way it is now; he explains that Akiho would benefit more from rebuilding from scratch because she would gain JAXA's support if she does.

The next day, Mitsuhiko escorts the Robot Research Club to JAXA so they could negotiate a deal to gain JAXA's support. Meeting with Nae again, Akiho reminds her that the robot is made of the Robot Research Clubs' dreams and hopes. Nae nods in approval and reassures Akiho that JAXA will try to make Akiho's robot work. Subaru then stands up and decides to give a presentation on what went wrong with the first Gunbuild-1. Subaru eventually concludes that the Gunbuild-1 was too heavy and thus it needs lighter material for it to move more freely. Subaru shows the group ta designed that he had made before hand that combines cost efficiency and performance. Unfortunately, the new design looks nothing like Gunvarrel and Akiho protests that it looks "lame." Akiho and Subaru begin arguing over whether the old design looked cool or not. Meanwhile, Kaito plays around with his cat maid app and turns Akiho into a cat maid on his phone. This gives Junna an idea. She proposes that they would use this program to make the robot look like Gunvarrel on the screen, but keep Subaru's design in the real world. With the problem of the appearance solved, things go smoothly until Akiho learns that Kaito won't be able to ride in the robot like pilots do in mecha anime.

Akiho makes a tough choice
Akiho makes a tough choice

After the meeting, Nae gives a progress report to Ken'ichiro Senomiya. She tells him that she thinks the club was a very interesting group and she believes that they will accomplish their goal. At night, Akiho sits beside the GunBuild-1 at the hanger. She has a flashback where she,as a young child, she tells Misaki that she will fulfill her dream for her. Her sister does not share the same opinion and predicts that Akiho will only be mediocre at best. Back to the present, Kaito comes by to the hanger to tell Akiho that she needs to sleep. Akiho confesses that she wants to go to the expo with the GunBuild-1, but she knows that it is not possible after seeing the simulation tests. She acknowledges Subaru's hard work regarding the designs for the robot, but find it hard to give up on the designs that her sister had created for sentimental reasons. She asks what Kaito would do in her position. Kaito responds by asking what she valued more, going to the expo or finishing the GunBuild-1. Akiho has another flashback where she tells her sister that she was not going to give no matter what happens.

All together now!
All together now!

The next day, Akiho gathers all the club members at the air hanger; she announces that she will Subaru's suggestions and redesign the robot from scratch. shocked, Subaru asks if she is giving up on the GunBuild-1. Akiho stands her ground and remains adamant that she will finish the GunBuild-1 in a later time. In the meantime, she plans to build a GunBuild-2 and take that to the expo. Akiho stands up from her chair and announces that the concept for the new robot will be "a robot only we can build!" She explains that she wants a robot that combines the unique skills of each club member. Excited, she holds her hand out and encourages her club members to do the same so they could celebrate their new plans. The other club members oblige, but they are not too thrilled.

In front of the house that Kaito found Airi, Mizuka Irei finds Airi on her phone. Airi asks she can give Irei the forecast for the day. Mizukastares at the A.I. and calmly asks her to disappear.

Points of Interest

  • A monopole is a magnet with only one pole whether it be north or south. it is said that they could exist in theory, but none have been seen yet.
  • Subaru becomes shy when he gets compliments from women.
  • Nae is a fan of Mr. Pleiades.


  • Japanese Name: "Uchira Dakarakoso Tsukureru Robo wo" (うちらだからこそ造れるロボを)
  • Opening Theme: "Junjō Spectra" by Zwei
  • Closing Theme: "Umikaze no Brave" by Fumika

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Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Zwei "Junjō Spectra"
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