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A Rival Battle for Club Champ! is an anime episode of Pokémon: Black & White that was released on 11/18/2010
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Ash vs Shooti Reviewed by IronSpidy-Rooney on Feb. 5, 2011. IronSpidy-Rooney has written 1 review. His/her last review was for A Rival Battle for Club Champ!. 1 out of 1 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
This episode I really liked because of the battle. It is really the first major battle between Ash and Shooti (Trip in the English dub) in the series, I'm not counting their first because Pikachu had lost his electrical powers. We are introduced to two new pokemon Pururiru and Hatooboo, both owned by Trip who prove to be very powerful both managing to take out two of Ash's Pokemon each with ease.  The episode begins with Ash and Co. arriving at Current city, He heads straight to the Battle Club where he finds out Trip is also there. Trip refuses to battle Ash at first since Ash has only managed to obtain 1 badge and only 5 Pokemon but changes his mind to have a 5 vs 5 battle after Iris calls him a "small child". Trip's first Pokemon is Hatooboo who takes out both    Oshawott  and Tepig with one attack thanks to its super luck ability. Pikachu manages to defeat Hatooboo but is beaten by Trips newly evolved Janovy. Ash decides to use his new Snivy against Trips Janovy and is able to defeat his evolved form thanks to the move attract. Trips third Pokemon Pururiru takes out Ash's Pidove with a single Water Pulse and then finishes off Snivy  with use of its ability cursed body.  
 I really enjoyed this episode because the battle had a certain freshness to it that made it feel new and yet just like the battles from the  original  series . The music captures their atmospheres perfectly and  I like how they are now putting  emphasis on Pokemon ability's and   moves like attract. Plus I really enjoyed Trips insulting Ash because he comes from a country  background .  
If you are a fan of Pokemon or have been looking for a place to start then this is an episode to watch. It is very enjoyable and gives a perfect example of what Pokemon battles should be.
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