A New Emperor

A New Emperor is an anime episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic that was released on 12/22/2013
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Plot Summary

The Great Rift
RomajiAratanaru Kōtei
TranslationA New Emperor
MangaCh. 146-148
Theme Music
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After coming home, Hakuei explains that her little brother Hakuryuu massacred the foreign soldiers and made them submit within three days. He asks Hakuei to follow him in order to gain more power. With everyone bowing down before Kouen, Hakuyruu stands in front of Kouen. Kouen is amused that Hakuyuu had lost an arm in the process of conquering a dungeon. He pats Hakuryuu good job. Koumei tells Kouen that Kouha hasn't come home yet. Kouen replies that they will wait for him. Kougyoku wonders how she will Kouen as she recalls Judar's declaration of war against Sindria. Koubun recalls when he was seventeen and how he first met Kougyoku. In Kougyoku's room, he pulls Kougyoku and lectures her about her status in the Kou Empire family tree. He states that she is the eight princess and still has a chance to succeed. After Kougyoku shakes Koubun's hands, Koubun laughs out loud that he will rise to the top using Kougyoku. He wonders if it's possible to have Kougyoku marry Kouen now that the emperor has passed.

Meanwhile, Kouha has arrive home. That night, Kougyoku is about to walk towards Kouen, all cheerful. However, she overhears Hakuei talking with Kouen. Kouen asks Hakuryuu if he wants to become emperor and states that he does not want to fight his family. He explains that this world only needs one ruler. He reveals a scroll from the Tran people and that they talk about King Solomon. He wonders why this world has one language. He speculates that this is to help unite the world's countries. Kouen asks Hakuryuu and Hakuei to lend their power. He spot Kougyoku. Kougyoku feels something ringing, possibly Sinbad's power. Kouen has his family attend the funeral.

At the funeral, Gyokuen welcomes her children and scares the children by caressing their father. Kouen asks Gyokuen if his father had died due to illness. Gyokuen asks Kouen if he supports her. Kouha finds Gyokuen's act disgusting. As the man reads out the emperor's will, he announces that the 3rd emperor is Ren Gyokuen. Kouha and the rest of the others are shocked. Gyokuen states that she will serve as the interim emperor. When Kouha's men protest, Hakuryuu bows in front of his mother, pleading her to ascend to the throne. The rest of priests follow his actions. Afterwards, Hakuryuu informs Hakuei that he will protect her because their mother had killed their brothers. He grabs Hakuei's hands and states that they will get revenge on their mother and Al Sarmen. Hakuei refuses and tells him that the world is one and that further conflicts that separate the Kou Empire will be catastrophic.

With a hysterical look on hsi face, Hakuryuu states that Kouen and their family has use brute force to conquer Balbadd and Kouga Clan. He yells out that grudges will never be forgotten. Hakuei apologizes to her little brother and asks him to let her think about it. Judar meets up with Hakuryuu and tells him that his mother and his grudge are manipulating Hakuryuu. Then, Gyokuen strolls by and asks Hakuryuu to let him touch her son. Hakuryuu slaps his mother's hands. She tells Hakuryuu that he and Hakuei will perish on her hands. Hakuryuu uses his Full-body Djinn Equip and attack Gokuen who blocks Hakuryuu's attacks with her Borg. Gyokuen caresses her son's cheeks and sends him flying. She tells Hakuryuu to be her adorable doll for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, Kouha and Koumei reports to Kouen about Magnostadt. Koumei thinks it's the organization that pulling the strings and supporting Magnostadt. In the rain, Judar remarks that Hakuryuu only has hate.

At Magnostadt, Aladdin combines heat and water magic in a spell called Sharrar Sarab to create a beautiful crystal.

Points of Interest

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

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CharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
Hakuryuu RenAbilities
  • Full-body Djinn Equip
Gokuen RenAbilities
  • Borg
  • Heat Magic
  • Water Magic
  • Sharrar Sarab

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